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Our mission is to help law firms transform into high-performance digital organisations.

About Amberlo

Amberlo is cloud-based law practice management software built for legal professionals that provides all the essential tools for running modern legal practice efficiently. Lawyers use Amberlo to manage legal cases, plan activities, organise communication, take notes, track hours and expenses, issue invoices and get them paid in time.

Our story

Over the years we met many law firms of different sizes and noticed that Outlook, Word and Excel were the main tools for running the business.
On another hand there were very few affordable and easy-to-use cloud-based law practice management solutions on the market.
We launched Amberlo in 2017 with the aim to bring affordable and easy-to-use cloud based law practice management software to small and mid-size law firms.
Today Amberlo is trusted by more than 500 legal professionals from more than 20 countries and this number is growing every day.

Made with lawyers for lawyers

Close cooperation with law professionals over many years allowed us to create specialised solution for lawyers that addresses daily issues and allows working more efficiently.
Made with lawyers for lawyers

Our goals crafted into software

We understand that most valuable resource for law professionals is time. Amberlo delivers a full set of powerful management features to make your law practice management easier and more efficient:
  • Easy-to use and intuitive user interface and high level of automation saves your time.
  • 360 degree overview on your team, clients and matters increases your law firm’s efficiency.
  • Powerful invoicing ensures that your invoices get paid in time and you have full access to the invoice history.
  • Amberlo offers affordable and pay-as-you-go pricing, with no up-front costs or commitments. You’ll always and only be billed for what you use. Also you can use Free Plan forever if it meets your needs.
Made with lawyers for lawyers

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