Amberlo at General Meeting of Lawyers

Amberlo programa advokatams 2018

This year, once again we have traditionally participated in the annual General Meeting of Lawyers organized by the Lithuanian Bar Association at the “LITEXPO” exhibition center in Vilnius. This year Lithuanian Bar Association is celebrating 100 years anniversary and it is elections year, which attracted a great number of participants.

This time our team had a lot of news:

  • Together with Lithuanian Data Protection Officers Association (LDAPA), we have prepared General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) memo for lawyers, describing how main GDPR requirements will affect lawyer activities and how information technology can help to comply with the new regulation.
  • We are among the first in Europe to introduce free case management software aimed at newly established and smallest law firms. With free software, we are seeking to provide support to newly established and smallest law firms to help them grow.
  • We have offered six months Amberlo subscription completely free and without any restrictions to all newly registered clients.
  • Introduced a completely renewed Amberlo web site which now includes much more information about Amberlo software, benefits, and user feedback.


During the event, we have spoken to more than 300 lawyers. We were happy to hear that most lawyers are familiar with GDPR requirements and are on the way to implementing them. One important step in this preparation is selecting suitable law practice management software. Therefore our participation in the event was especially relevant. We’ve discussed new technologies that open new opportunities even for the smallest legal practices.

We would like to say big THANK YOU to the organizers of the event and to all the participants for being active, curious, asking relevant questions, sharing ideas, and keeping us busy during the whole event. Also for new Amberlo registrations!

If you did not try Amberlo yet, you can do it here.

See you next year!

Your Amberlo team

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