We are members of INSOL Europe 🎉

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We are proud & excited to be among the newest members of INSOL Europe! INSOL Europe with its 1200 members is the largest European organization of law professionals (bankruptcy administrators, lawyers, judges, credit insurers, bankers, accountants et. al.) who specialize in insolvency, business reconstruction, and recovery.

Here at Amberlo, we are passionate about bridging technology gaps across the Globe Law Society and empowering lawyers to drive their business effectively and efficiently. Because we live in a world where efficiency is the key to success. We have access to some of the most incredible technologies out there, and with claims that lawyers are falling behind with tech, it might be time to bring your legal firm up to speed with some of the amazing tech tools out there. So if you’re usually up to your elbows in your legal business’ – literally or figuratively – and you’d rather focus on working in smarter, more innovative ways, we’re here to help you. Because we’re committed to maximizing value for our clients around the world!

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