9 Benefits of Legal Billing Software

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For law firms, practices, and other legal organizations, good legal billing software is a must-have. It is a huge time-saver, that will ensure that your firm runs at maximum efficiency.

In this article, we will briefly touch on what legal billing software is. We will then look at some benefits your firm can expect from investing in this software. Finally, we will introduce you to our software here at Amberlo.

What Is Legal Billing Software?

Legal billing software is a digital solution that helps attorneys generate accurate invoices. In an industry that bills per hour, billing software keeps track of consulting times and calculates billable hours so that you don’t have to.

This reduces the time your firm spends on manual time-tracking and billing calculations. It also eliminates human error, providing accurate billing. Legal billing software can:

  • Track billable time
  • Calculate and maintain client accounts
  • Generate estimates
  • Generate legal invoices
  • Generate productivity reports per case or attorney
  • Help with tax filing

The 9 Benefits Of Using Legal Billing Software

1. Budgeting for Matter or Client

Gain ultimate control and total visibility of all your matters by creating a budget for the Client or just for the Matter. This means that your team will not exceed the budget allocated for the Client or Matter, because you can comfortably view the budget screen defining the expenses, the actuals, the remaining, and the progress bar. 

Moreover, Amberlo will notify you and your team members when a Matter or Client reaches a particular percent or currency value (EUR, PLN, USD, etc) of that budget.

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2. Secure Management from Anywhere

The billing software enables remote access from any device that connects to the internet. That way, you can bill clients from anywhere. You can also secure your data management as only people with the correct authentication information can access sensitive data.

Thank goodness we have moved on from the days of paperwork and meticulous filing systems! Not only was it a huge time waster, but it was also incredibly easy to misplace important documents.

Billing software has built-in search capabilities, and it stores all records electronically. That way, you can access information instantly by searching for the client’s name, the case type, or other relevant keywords.

3. Ease of Use

The designers of legal software understand that their clients are legal professionals, not IT specialists! As such, the software is incredibly user-friendly, so that you and your team don’t have to waste time on software training.

4. Rates Management

Set hourly billing rates for each legal service and create custom rates for partners, associates, paralegals, and assistants. Use a powerful approval system to review estimates and invoices generated by anyone at your firm. Easily make adjustments, prepare and approve or delete them with one click. And with batch billing, you can generate all your invoices in under 30 seconds!

5. Data Security

The software designers understand that legal information is particularly sensitive, and that data security is paramount for law firms. The software uses sophisticated multi-authentication systems for data access. It also comes equipped with secure backup systems, making it easy to retrieve lost or corrupted data.

6. Multi-client Tracking

Having more clients should only ever be something to celebrate. But with spreadsheets, the growth of a firm leads to huge administrative headaches. With legal software, keeping track of every client and the status of their case is effortless. The integrated client contact list, search features, and database make it easy to manage your clients and track the progress of their cases.

7. Automation

This feature is a huge timesaver! In particular, automation becomes useful when you have clients you provide a repeated service for. The same service means the same invoice, which the software will automatically generate for you.

Automation also takes care of repetitive tasks like sending payment reminders to clients, logging billable hours, and more.

8. Multi-language & Multi-currency

If you have customers across the globe, billing them in their own language and currency is a good way to make sure you get accurate, timely payments. The invoices templates are available in 16 languages, and you can invoice your clients in more than 180 currencies within the same account. Amberlo makes it easy for you to go international. It is quick, easy, and reliable!

9. Efficiency, Efficiency, Efficiency

The software requires minimal time and effort for accurate invoice generation. Instead, your attorneys can invest their time and effort into more productive tasks. The software also ensures fewer invoicing mistakes, which removes bottlenecks and speeds up payments. That way, your firm gets paid for the work as it’s done!

So, in short, billing software will give your entire firm an efficiency boost! That is why 59% of lawyers in a US survey reported that they used legal software.

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What Can Amberlo’s Billing Software For You?

Amberlo legal billing software promises all the above benefits to your firm and more. You can track your time spent on a matter and generate accurate invoices. Our software also manages the budget for each matter, giving attorneys better visibility into how much each client can afford to spend on their case.

Easily manage your billing by setting rates for each legal service provided. Once generated, you can still edit invoices before sending them off to your clients. This ensures faster payment for your firm’s services.

What’s more, you can generate invoices in multiple languages and currencies, so Amberlo is ideal for international firms! These are just some of the features our billing software has to offer.

Like what you hear? Give our free demo a try here!


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