Benefits Of Legal Software: 6 Ways It Improves Productivity

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There are many benefits of legal software for law firms and organizations. The software can improve various areas in your law firm including customer service and experience, communication, and more.

In this article, we’ll take a look at productivity specifically. We’ll highlight six ways that legal software can improve productivity, getting the best out of your team.

The 6 Benefits Of Legal Software For Productivity

Here are the primary productivity benefits of using legal software. These are also features you can look for when trying to select the best software solution for your business.


There are many repetitive tasks in legal work. Often, these are time-consuming and tedious tasks that nobody on the legal team wants to do. For example, no trained and highly-skilled lawyer wants to spend their time on data entry. The automation benefits of legal software mean your staff doesn’t have to.

You can automate various areas like email communication, document creation, data storage through digital forms, time tracking, and more. 

When your attorneys don’t have to spend time on these tasks, they can redirect their time to tasks that will benefit more from their skills and energy. 


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There are a lot of different facets involved in running a smooth and effective legal office. These require a commitment to good administration and organization, which can get difficult to oversee daily. In particular, smaller legal offices with less staff and resources may find it difficult to maintain effective and quality organization levels. 

Legal software solutions can provide the necessary support to keep your firm organized. Some of the organizational and administrative tasks you can use legal software for include: 

This reduces the time your staff needs to dedicate to organizing important information while ensuring administrative systems run smoothly.

Task And Workflow Management

Closely linked to a good organization is task and workflow management. Legal software can monitor tasks relating to an open matter. As a member of the legal team completes a task, they can log it onto the software. The solution updates completed tasks and notifies relevant users of changes and updates.

This can minimize duplicate efforts where many people complete the same task, wasting time and money. 

It also helps the team track who has done what on a matter, which can help with performance, accountability, and productivity if there are issues down the line.


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There’s almost nothing that can stall a legal process more than bureaucracy – both internally and externally. One of the huge productivity benefits of legal software is that it can ease delays caused by poor information access and exchange. 

With a cloud-based solution, any member of your team can access the information they need about a case at any time. No need to wait a whole week for a response to your email!

Most modern legal software solutions also make it easy to access information and work from anywhere. Mobile solutions mean your team can get the most out of their time as they can work no matter where they are. This can increase their responsiveness and productivity overall.


Accessibility also makes it that much easier to collaborate. When clients and all attorneys have information available to them, it makes it that much easier to work a case effectively. It also improves communication, which can help speed up bottlenecks and straighten out other challenges.

Other great features and benefits of legal software for collaboration include:

These features can aid your law firm in improving internal and external collaboration.

Time Tracking

This is an important element of any legal organization’s work as it is directly linked to the bottom line. Your law firm has to track the time spent on a case and bill clients accordingly. However, time tracking can also be a good way to monitor productivity and performance, reflecting on where your staff spends their time most. That way, you know where to improve your performance.

A great benefit of legal software is its ability to track time spent on tasks. With a simple click of a button, you can have all vital times available for your firm’s convenient use.


In the legal field, productivity is key! The satisfaction of your clients relies on how much you get done and the amount of work attorneys can put into a case. With so much on the line, the promotion of tools that can boost productivity is a must.

At Amberlo, our legal software solution has a range of features and tools that can do just that, giving your staff the support they need to work at their best.

Let’s discuss your needs and goals with our expert by contacting us or scheduling a free demo.

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