Why Lawyers Should Consider Cloud-based Legal Software

6 reasons lawyers need cloud based software

Are you on the fence about cloud-based legal software for law firms? You shouldn’t be! These days, almost every solution that you come across will be cloud-based.

Some practitioners have put off the move to the cloud. This is often due to worries about security and control. These concerns are understandable, but there is no need to fret.

In this article, we will explain why you need cloud-based software for your firm. We’ll also debunk the myths around security and control.

Six Reasons You Need Cloud-Based Legal Software

Legal software allows law firms to run at optimal efficiency. With legal software, you can manage and control every aspect of your legal business. You can take care of emails, appointment scheduling, finances, and documents management

When this software is cloud-based, it means that it runs on a remote server, rather than in-house. Practitioners can access and make changes to the system via the internet. 

So what advantages can cloud-based software offer your law firm or practice?

1. Saves Money 

With cloud-based software, you generally pay a monthly subscription. But that’s all that you pay. And, the subscription fees aren’t often very high. 

Conversely, if you go for an on-premise option, then you’ll have to fork out money for equipment, labor, and much more. This is because you’ll have to buy a server to keep in your office. On top of this, you’ll likely have to do maintenance, upgrades, and repairs on the server. With cloud-based software, the service provider takes care of all these things for you. 

2. Prevents Loss and Disaster 

If a physical disaster occurs on your premises, your data remains safe on the cloud. In addition, software vendors always ensure that your system has secure data recovery processes in place. 

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3. Offers Easy Scalability 

We’re sure you want your practice to continue expanding. If your business grows, though, your software needs to grow with it. If you use on-premise software, it’ll be a massive effort to get the software to change in the way you need it to. But, with cloud-based solutions, service providers take care of that for you!

4. Increases Mobility

Having your software on-premise means that you have to be in your office to access data. Cloud-based software allows you to work from anywhere, at any time. This means that going out to meet clients becomes an option, and you can grow your business because of it.

5. Decreases IT Issues 

We’ve all encountered IT issues before. Bugs in the software, system failures, and other complications can waste so much time. When you use on-premise software, you need to take care of these issues internally. Using cloud-based legal software means that your service provider addresses IT issues for you. And, since their primary focus is the software, they get things done much quicker!

6. Betters Management and Collaboration 

Cloud-based software centralizes access to all information in your organization. This means that if 5 employees are working on one matter, they can all access what they need. This saves time as it eliminates the back and forth of relaying information. 

Moreover, managers can oversee all matters at a glance, rather than calling for updates. This makes overall management much easier.

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Why Security Is Not An Issue With Cloud-Based Legal Software

It goes without saying that privacy and security are very important to law firms. While many worries about the security of cloud-based software, the truth is that it offers more data security for your business. 

Software providers are cybersecurity experts. This means that they can provide much better security than you can implement on your own. Additionally, you won’t have to hire your own security team, which further saves time and money. 

At Amberlo, our security is top class. We ensure that all your data is encrypted. And, your privacy is our priority. We hold your data in its own section of our server. Even Amberlo employees do not have access to your data. You have complete control.

Final Thoughts 

Cloud-based legal software can offer your firm many benefits. You’ll have less stress, save money, and improve efficiency. And, all your critical data will remain as secure as it can be. 

Gone are the days of hosting everything internally. Cloud-based is not the future, it is the present. If you don’t get on board, you may fall behind and lose out to your competitors. So, get going with cloud-based legal software by contacting Amberlo today.


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