How Email Management Saves Lawyers Time

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Email management takes up a lot of time and effort for busy law firms. Think about it… It’s early morning at the office and you’re ready to tackle your ongoing cases with gusto. When you click on your laptop, you’re flooded with tons of jumbled-up emails- old and new, internal team communications, and more all mixed up!

How do you know which emails to reply to? Which ones have to do with ongoing cases? Which ones are the top priority? 

Now, you may spend most of your morning trying to work through these and identifying their importance. Of course, you can’t miss even one email as it could be vital to one of your cases. Luckily, there is a simple, easy-to-implement solution to your law firm’s email control needs – email management software.

The software can automate tasks for you, organize your inbox, and direct emails to existing case files. This clever software is perfect for busy lawyers and law firms. It can help save both time and money and we’ll show you how.

3 Ways That Email Management Saves Lawyers Time

1. Improves efficiency and productivity

Whether it’s reading or replying to emails – the time your law firm spends on emails is important to time lost. It’s time you can bill for work done on clients’ cases. That way, it doesn’t go down as wasted time on your bottom line. With proper email software, you can track the amount of time you spend working on emails. 

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Amberlo internal timer allows you to keep track of the time spent on emails for a specific client or case. This Amberlo timer feature helps you bill your valuable time. It also ensures that the company doesn’t lose money and gains profit from all the time and effort put into the case.

Email organization can also be an administrative hassle but a necessary one. If you don’t have any orders in your inbox, it’s easier to lose track of cases and miss communications.

Eliminate cluttered email inboxes with proper email software, like Amberlo software. This clever software can automatically organize your emails. It will save the emails to their specific matter, or contact, without any human input needed. No extra admin time is needed from you.

2. Enhances internal and client communications

The right email management software can improve collaboration among lawyers. Do you have multiple lawyers working on one case? Email software helps organize and eliminate endless BCC’ing. 

Lawyers assigned to a specific case can see all the emails relating to that matter without the endless CC’s and BCC’s. Your clients will also thank you when lawyers are on top of the latest case developments and communication.

With this smart Amberlo tool, lawyers can stay in the loop on case progressions. They can effortlessly reply to a client’s inquiries even if they weren’t the initial contact on the email thread.

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Not only does this save time sending emails back and forth, but it eliminates the risk of delays because of miscommunication. Your law firm will become more responsive and maintain your firm’s professionalism. Clear and swift communication will also improve customer and team satisfaction, as well as boost staff productivity.

3. Improves accessibility

Email management software should be a comprehensive platform that can cater to your firm’s various needs. It should ease lawyers’ ability to complete tasks and perform at their best. 

Excellent email management software integrates seamlessly with your favourite apps, such as Outlook and even Google Calendar. These integrations allow you to use important platforms in conjunction with the software. You can also access all client data from one place, optimizing your activity and improving productivity. 

The software becomes a centralized data and email management point, enabling lawyers to better manage their time.

The Benefits Of Amberlo’s Software

We’ve seen that the right software can transform how your law firm deals with emails. Amberlo software offers all the amazing time-saving aspects above and others, including:

  • Improves efficiency: tracks (and bills) the time that lawyers spend on emails.
  • Preserves data: keeps emails safe and secure.
  • Increases client satisfaction: streamlines communication inside and outside of the firm. Happy customers are crucial for word-of-mouth referrals, online reviews, and law firm reputation.
  • Centralizes data sources: optimizes organization according to the client or a specific case.
  • Increases staff productivity: saves time and improves responsiveness.
  • Makes it easier to onboard new staff.
  • Automates time entry.

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Final Thoughts

Managing a law firm requires the careful synchronicity of various complex working processes. 

Amberlo email management software enables you to manage matters, clients, and related information in one convenient place. You don’t need to invest in a plethora of different, complicated software solutions. This comprehensive software saves you time through better communication, improved efficiency and productivity, and enhanced accessibility.

Want all these benefits? Contact us and we’ll help you get started today!

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