5 Ways To Get More Clients By Running a Legal Profession Blog

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Most law firms rely on outdated methods to bring in new clients. In today’s digital landscape, firms need to take more initiative through online marketing and nurturing their target audience. One of the most popular and effective ways to do this is by running a legal profession blog. 

These days, most people find out about law firms through online searches. Having a strong legal blog is a simple way of gaining more traction through online searches, all while driving more traffic towards your business. As a result, you’re optimizing your website to be put right in front of your next big client. With that being said, let’s explore some of the ways in which running a blog can help you to gain more customers. 

How Your Legal Profession Blog Can Attract More Clients

While your blog should remain informative, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be enhanced here and there. Here are five simple steps to follow when running a legal blog to ensure it becomes one of your best client procurement assets. 

Target The Right Audience

Blogs need to have a specific focus in order to target the right audience. Running a legal profession blog presents a great opportunity for attracting a very specific readership. Targeting specific keywords is important here, as these will help search engines to understand the relevance of your blog to the topic. 

Understanding your audience and targeting them specifically is the first step towards a popular, high ranking blog. Ultimately, this will lead to more business via your website. 

Focus on Specific Topics

If you want your legal blog to be a source of authority on law, then you will need to be more than just a general content mine. It’s best to create specific pillars of topics to focus on and write detailed blog posts on each different sector. This will also help your blog appeal to various audiences. 

Our best advice is to create posts about your different services offered, specific legal news that is relevant to your firm, and target certain areas within the posts. For example, don’t just write about “legal services for divorce”, but rather “legal services for divorce in Zurich”. Be specific and refine your topics as much as possible. This will help to build authority on the matter, as well as make your posts more relevant for search queries. 

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Answer People’s Questions

People will read your blog for a reason – they will want to gather information on their queries or get an answer to a legal problem that they are dealing with. Presenting an answer to legal questions is key, as people want to actually get something out of your blog. This will also lead them to check out your services, and hopefully take you on as a client. 

Don’t forget, once you’ve created quality content, it’s best practice to open up the space for discussion or further questions. By adding a comment section at the bottom of your legal profession blog, you can obtain users’ email addresses while encouraging them to communicate with your firm. As a result, you’ve just begun to nurture a new lead. 

Include Links 

Including links on your legal blog is important for one main reason: SEO. Doing so will also help your blog to rank better on search engines by providing crawlers with a clear path around the website.

Furthermore, it’s a great way to enhance the user experience. If you’re writing a post on a complicated topic or have related posts, you can add the links for them. This will direct users to other posts and pages on your website which only boosts your level of authority – for both search engines and your audience.  

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Final Thoughts

Having a professional legal blog will help you to rank highly on search results pages, and make your legal firm the answer to people’s questions. Being a top contender on search results pages is one of the best ways to gain new clients and increase the scope of your business. Running a good blog is the important first step to achieving this. 

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