What You Need to Know About Hosting a Successful Video Call

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Adjusting to the new reality of remote work can be tricky to navigate. However, with all of today’s technology available working digitally can be easy. All you really need is a phone or computer, and you are set for a full-on business meeting. With the help of technology, you can move your law firm completely to an online space.

Doing a virtual meeting can often seem like a hassle, but when done right they can be incredibly productive. In fact, hosting a successful video call can result in plenty of saved time, allowing you to achieve more. As we all continue to do our part in staying safe and healthy, here is everything you need to know about running a successful video call for your firm. 

Our Top Video Call Tips for Your Virtual Law Firm

Running a virtual law firm can seem like a challenge, but when following the right procedures it can be a breeze! If you want to learn more about taking your law firm to a remote environment, make sure to read this article. Here are some important things to know about hosting a successful video call. 


No matter how good your device is, or how strong of an internet connection your virtual law firm has, there will always be technical difficulties. There always seems to be some kind of an issue during video calls – something that can be a bit embarrassing when dealing with clients. 

Make sure to always be fully prepared to avoid any unwanted interruptions. Set up early, and if possible have a dedicated tech person there to handle technical difficulties. Avoiding technical issues can provide a major improvement to your video call and your levels of efficiencies. This will also ensure that your virtual law firm remains professional at all times. 

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Keep It Brief

Video calls are not as engaging as in-person meetings, and it can be tough to keep people’s attention throughout the call. Always make sure that you keep things as brief as possible. Avoid small talk and get straight to the point. This can help to make the meeting much more of a success. 

Being organized here is also critical. Try to write up a clear agenda, and tick items off as you go down. Know what you want to achieve in the meeting, and get straight to doing this. 

Remember the Mute Button

There always seems to be somebody that forgets to put on their mute button when they are not talking. This can result in a major irritation for all – not to mention potential embarrassment. You don’t want everyone to hear you slurping your coffee while somebody else is speaking. 

Some video call apps have a function that allows you to mute others while you are speaking. This can be very useful for conference calls, as it can help to prevent distractions for everybody. 

Stand Up When Presenting

Standing up while speaking can present a number of advantages especially with your virtual law firm. It allows you to project your voice stronger and adds a level of energy to your presentation. Standing up is also more engaging for those watching, and will help to keep your listeners involved in the call. 

Even if people can’t see you, standing up will help to create more excitement around what you are saying. Keeping the meeting engaging is important. 

Maintain Clear Breaks

When running an online meeting, you aren’t able to have the same back and forth conversations as you would in person. An effective solution to this would be taking clear breaks and pauses between ideas. Ask if anyone has any questions, and give people a space to raise any thoughts. 

Again, being organized and having a clear agenda is important here. It will allow you to construct your online meeting with set spaces for breaks, conversations, and questions. This will help to speed the meeting up, as well as avoid annoying technical difficulties. 

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Final Thoughts

Running a virtual law firm can seem like a real challenge from the offset. However, when you get the knack of running successful video calls and online meetings, you can enjoy a number of benefits. These can include less wasted time, no time on a commute, and being able to produce meetings that are more productive and well-structured. 

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