How To Build Your Law Firm CRM?

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The use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology is a favorite amongst marketers, but it is also growing in popularity amongst the legal sector too. The reason for this is that by using this technology, law firms can compile information and data in a single source for each aspect of their business. This includes client management and outreach which, in turn, supports a competitive service offering.

A large part of your firm’s success with CRM law programs depends on your understanding of the software and how you utilize it. Knowing which features to look out for and which functions your law firm case management system can do for you is essential. In this article, we will take you through everything you need to know before dedicating your legal practice to particular software.

How Does a CRM Law Programme Differ From a Law Firm Case Management System?

The biggest point of difference between case management software and CRM is the fact that the latter supports client communication. However, a good CRM can help you nurture your clients and build these relationships. These systems are optimal as they can help manage your clients’ experience from their first meeting to their last. This includes setting up meetings, keeping contacts up to date, and providing data to analyze workflows and relationships.

Case management software is specifically designed to automate and organize a law firm’s processes. It allows you to manage cases and store all documents and relevant information about your clients and cases. Moreover, it allows you to manage the finances of your legal firm by streamlining your billing processes and robust reporting. It means, that all of the important data is safely stored in one place, easily managed and, can be accessed remotely from any device, including mobile.

While most software offer either a CRM or law firm case management function, Amberlo excels in both! With Amberlo, you can manage your contacts and your cases in one place. This can particularly useful as CRMs don’t offer time tracking, case management or expense management features that are key to a functional office. Now you can run a successful practice all from one platform. Just like fast internet and reliable computer equipment help your staff perform better, so does a robust case management solution. Law firms that invest in a powerful CRM see the returns clearly add up over time.

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What are the Benefits of Using a CRM Law System? 

If you have a wide variety of clientele, it’s only natural that your firm will eventually require a streamlined organizational solution to relationship management. Through automated services, attorneys and employees will have easy access to resources that can assist with excellent customer service.


Time is a precious commodity in a law firm, especially when it can be used more efficiently. CRM’s can automate workflows such as follow-up emails, pre-consultation information, client onboarding processes, and set up important alerts. Not only will this help open up your time but it will also drive a more effective client communication process. With Amberlo, you can automate your billing flow and tracking too. 


Speaking of client communication, if you’re finding that maintaining an Excel spreadsheet challenging amongst a heavy workload, it may be time to move to a CRM system. With a centralized base of client information readily available, communication can become a simple process. Through better communication strategies, clients will be more likely to stay on board and refer your services to their network. 

Record Maintenance 

The law industry is full of important documents and this will only increase with the number of clients you have. With a good CRM platform, you will be able to easily store, classify and share them with your colleagues. These documents will also be archived neatly to your preference to ensure ease of use and to mitigate the risk of any essential forms being lost. 


Staying organized is key to a successful law firm. With a CRM, you can set up workflows, reminders, and scheduling to ensure that you stay on top of your tasks. 

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Important Features to Look Out For: 

Although most CRMs offer a few of the same basic features, a winning software knows how to work with your legal practice. For law firms, we’d advise looking out for: 

  • Easy workflow automation
  • Online calendar syncing
  • Email integration
  • Document template editing
  • Analytics

When selecting your CRM law platform, it’s important to ask yourself the following questions: 

  • How will the software help you achieve your goals? 
  • What information do I need to collect to find actionable insights?
  • How easy it will be to set up and maintain?
  • How does this CRM handle the security of confidential information?
  • Is it user-friendly? 

Learn More About Amberlo’s CRM Features:

If finding a successful CRM law software is on your to-do list, then get in touch with us! Learn more about how Amberlo combines the world of CRM and case management into one efficient platform. Drop us an email at or have a look at our website for more.


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