6 Ways To Improve Time Management for Lawyers

time management tips for lawyers

With the billing system adopted by the law industry, time is quite literally money. This makes time management for lawyers especially imperative. Here, we will share a few useful lawyer time management tips, before we consider how Amberlo time and expense tracking software will help your lawyers maximize daily productivity with the help of a few special features. 

Tips to Improve Time Management for Lawyers

1. Make To-do Lists

This isn’t about listing the tasks that need completing, it also has to do with assigning each action a priority.
Take a few minutes at the end of each day to consider which work you must focus on. Ask yourself, “if I only had time to complete one task on my list, which would it be?” and focus on that task.
Be sure to customize your to-do lists based on your personal requirements. If you know you’re the most productive in the morning, attend to your priorities immediately.
If your productivity peak is later in the day, save your prioritized tasks for then. Spend the morning doing other tasks. Good lawyer time management schedules will look different for each person.

2. Do The Worst First

When it comes to prioritizing, sometimes you just need to bite the bullet. Looming, unpleasant tasks often leads to procrastination. This will throw you off schedule, and waste precious billable time.

Having the burden of an unpleasant task hanging over you slows you down. The best move is to get it over with so that you can tear through the rest of the day!

3. Refrain From Switching Between Tasks

Each time you switch tasks, your brain must recalibrate to the new task at hand. Instead, decide on a task and stick to it. Keep your head down and get a good momentum going! 

Only once you’re satisfied with how much work you have put into a matter for the day, should you move on to the next task. 

4. Avoid Interruptions

In the same vein, pausing a task to answer an email, or the phone, or have a chat with a colleague will distract you. 

After each interruption, you will have to waste valuable time getting back into the correct mindset for working. 

Instead, schedule time to respond to emails and phone calls. A coffee and a chat with a colleague can help to boost your productivity, so schedule regular breaks too!

5. Set a Timer

time management tips for lawyers

To properly schedule your time, use a timer to compartmentalize your schedule. Timers are not just to keep track of billable hours; they can also help you keep track of when to take breaks to avoid mental fatigue.

6. Download Time-Saving Software

There is plenty of intelligent, automated software out there designed to maximize business productivity and foster better time management for lawyers. Most software is curated to meet the needs of a particular industry or business, so take the time to find the right software for you. 

Use Amberlo to Help with Lawyer Time Management 

Amberlo software will help make everything you do that much more efficient. This will allow you to invest more time in billable tasks, ensuring maximum compensation for your hard work! Special features of Amberlo’s software include: 

  • Contact management: including a full customer relationship management (CRM) module, helping you save valuable time with instant, easy access to all your contacts’ details and related notes, tasks, invoices, and more. 
  • Matter management: get a bird’s-eye view of all relevant matters, and the constituent elements of each, complete with smart stats to help you prioritize tasks and optimize lawyer time management! 
  • Legal calendaring: keep track of all matters’ events and deadlines to help you determine what to prioritize! 
  • Time and expense tracking: keep track of how you spend your time by adding time entries from anywhere. Mark entries as billable or non-billable, to help you prioritize billable tasks. 
  • Emails: efficiently write, review & organize emails, including integrated time tracking to capture time spent on emails for each matter.
  • Documents: store, edit, and sync all documents. You can also create templates and automatically fill in contacts and matter details, saving valuable time!
  • Reporting: integrated analytics aid in time management for lawyers by tracking performance to help determine how best to allocate time.
  • Legal billing: speed up the billing process so that you can focus on earning money instead of wasting time requesting it! 

law firm time tracking software

Final Thoughts

We are in a fast-paced, competitive industry, which makes time management for lawyers of utmost importance. 

Try these tips to get the most out of your workdays, and let Amberlo software help you every step of the way! We understand your needs, and we have designed our software to meet them every step of the way! Request a free demo here.

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