Law Firm Billing: How To Invoice Correctly And Get Paid On Time

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Collecting legal fees can be a difficult process. Many law firms end up losing a significant percentage of fees from clients that don’t pay. This is one of the reasons that many lawyers prefer to get paid upfront. 

In order to run a smooth and successful operation, having your law firm billing process figured out is essential. This is something that can help to make or break your practice, and it is an area where many lawyers struggle. For extra tips, make sure to check out the blog post here

From using legal billing software for lawyers to initiating payment plans, there are a couple of options available for a more efficient law firm billing system. Let’s explore some ways to invoice better and get paid on time. 

Steps To Ensure A Smooth Payment Process And Positive Client Interactions

Law firm billing requires a balance of two important aspects. These are keeping the payments smooth and efficient, while still creating a positive client interaction. In order to do this, a well-managed invoicing process needs to be set up. Using legal software can play a major role in supporting this, as this software has been specifically designed to help lawyers achieve better results with billing. 

However, each practice and each different client will experience unique circumstances. Here are some things to consider when streamlining the billing process. 

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Client Research

Understanding your clients and their needs is the first step towards an accurate invoicing process. With the right law practice management software, you can easily manage all your clients and contact information, moreover, all administrative tasks can be completed more efficiently with less chance of error and ensuring that nothing gets missed. While clients will want to use your services, you don’t want to turn them away over billing issues. Having a clear and concise payment solution is important. 

Being able to offer different options to your clients is key here too. Some lawyers will only take upfront payments whereas others will ask for an initial deposit. Then there are those that have more flexible payment plans available. By understanding your clients’ needs and catering towards them, lawyers can take on more clients through smart payment options. 

Payment Plans

One option is for law firms to expand their offering and customize their payment options to better suit clients. Many prospective clients may be turned away from certain lawyers because they are nervous about the cost of hiring them. Many people in tricky legal situations may also not have the cash upfront for an attorney. 

Offering a payment plan is a great way of drawing in more clients, and ensuring that they will be able to pay your bill. Law firm billing payment plans could give clients an incentive to pay their bills early by offering a small discount or free service (if appropriate). This will help to make sure that payments get covered, and that you maintain a happy client. 

If implementing a payment plan option, you will need to make sure that the client is a suitable candidate. Some kind of credit check should be done beforehand. Offering payment plans is a good way of making sure that clients cover the bill, one way or another. 

Billing Software

Law firm billing can be a tedious and difficult process to manage. Every industry is starting to take a more digitized approach to their processes, and adopting billing software can be an easy way for lawyers to streamline this area. 

Accounting software for lawyers opens up a whole new world of convenience when it comes to getting paid. This software can be used to send out invoices, manage accounts, and streamline the invoicing system. Instead of having to manually go through each client and their account status, using billing software can do the difficult tasks for you. 

Not only does this offer a more professional and streamlined approach, but it makes keeping track of payments and invoices much easier. Legal billing software can help you to get paid faster, and avoid losing clients because by adding clarity and details to the bills, you create trust—which makes your clients more willing to pay. This software also makes things easier for general accounting and admin purposes within your law firm. So take billing seriously and use the right software – this is an important consideration for invoicing. 

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Expenses and timesheets – Amberlo

About Amberlo’s Legal Billing Software 

Perhaps the easiest way to ensure that invoicing and payments are done timeously is investing in accounting software for lawyers. Not only is Amberlo designed to enhance your financial matters, but it is also equipped to optimize your firm’s day-to-day tasks. In other words, our all-in-one legal software can help streamline your business and maximize your output.

So, what can one expect from Amberlo’s legal billing system? 

  • Full-featured billing workflow
  • Time recording
  • Customizable invoices
  • Billing management
  • Multi-language & multi-currency features
  • Automated reminders

To learn more about what Amberlo can do for you and your law firm, please get in touch here.

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