Why More Law Firm IT Experts Are Using Cloud-based Software

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Cloud-based law firms have become a staple of the legal industry. More and more law firm IT teams are deciding to adopt cloud computing for their software needs rather than physical servers.

But what is motivating this mass movement to the cloud? Why should your law firm choose to use cloud-based legal software? Here are six reasons why.

6 Reasons Why There Are More Cloud-Based Law Firms

These are six benefits you can reap by choosing to become a cloud-based law firm:

1. Automatic System Updates

On-premise system updates can be a challenge for legal IT professionals to maintain. This is because updates and maintenance for on-site systems and servers demand loads of time from your IT team. They’re often quite costly, too. You don’t just have to upgrade the software but the hardware as well – both of which have their own costs.

Automated software updates are one of the significant reasons why legal IT professionals choose to move to the cloud. The provider or system automatically manages any updates for your firm. As a result, it removes the hassle and drain on resources that come with on-premise systems.

Moreover, these updates generally come included in your payment package, so your software updates at no extra cost to your firm.

Cloud-based legal software updates

2. Cost Effective

Automated updates aren’t the only way the cloud can save your law firm money.

As your firm grows, greater demands are placed on your systems and processes. You require more storage, greater security, more functions, and so on.

Cloud-based legal software makes the evolution of your firm easy to manage. It grows with you as you do at little to no extra cost. You don’t have to pay for additional hardware or software, or for the maintenance, labour, and other aspects of running on-site servers.

3. Boosted Security

Transitioning to becoming a cloud-based law firm can transform the safety of your data. Cloud systems are safer and provide better data protection than on-site servers and structures.

A cloud system stores your data away from your physical office and in several geographic locations. This makes it almost impossible to lose all your firm’s data. On-premise systems, which can get damaged in the event of an incident like a fire or natural disaster, the cloud-based systems remain protected. If one server gets damaged or hacked, you always have access to your backups. You can always recover data, so you never fear absolute data loss.

Another form of security that using the cloud can offer legal professionals is encryption, passwords, and other verification tools.

Amberlo legal software encrypts your data as well as the data networks that your information passes through when in transit. We encrypt passwords, too, with end-to-end encryption.

All these features help you protect your clients’ privacy and comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

law firm's data security

4. Enhanced Mobility & Accessibility

Flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere have become essential to how lawyers operate. Remote work with cloud-based software makes it possible for lawyers to assist clients at all times and improve their productivity.

On-premise systems limit when and where lawyers can work. When most of your firm’s data remains in the office, lawyers can find it difficult to work away from the office. Cloud-based software, on the other hand, increases mobility and accessibility. Your team can access data no matter where they are and as long as they have good Wi-Fi and a functional digital device.

Our cloud-based legal software operates on laptops and mobile devices, allowing lawyers always to access their documents, calendar events and tasks. It also will enable lawyers to manage clients and cases, communicate, organize their emails, and more from anywhere.

5. Improved Customer Experiences

Most customers today demand convenience from their service providers. The same goes for their lawyers.

Moving to a cloud-based law firm can help you improve your client experience in various ways. Through the software, clients can access information about their cases through a client portal whenever they need to.

You can also improve the protection of your client’s data and provide better one-on-one from your lawyers as you enhance their data access and flexibility.

6. Better User Experience For Staff

Following on from the point above, cloud-based law firm software streamlines processes and enhances data accessibility for your staff.

With everything in a single software, your staff knows where to look for any matter-related information without having to contact a coworker to send the file over. They simply need to navigate to the matter, and they’ll be able to find all the information they’re looking for.

Not only does this enhance efficiency, but it helps to establish consistency across the firm. In addition, it takes the guesswork out of training new hires as they’ll easily be able to find everything they need.

Legal software improves user experience in a law firm

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, cloud-based law firms are no longer a novelty but a necessary tool for modern-day legal practices. The cloud offers numerous benefits, including simplified operations, remote work flexibility, and enhanced client convenience.

In a world where technology plays an increasingly important role in our daily lives, law firms that embrace the cloud will undoubtedly have a competitive advantage.

So if you haven’t already made the switch, there’s no better time to start your free trial and experience the benefits of cloud-based technology for your law firm.

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