Law Firm Time Tracking Software

law firm time tracking software

Lawyers bill clients by the hour. This ensures that firms see maximum returns on their hard work. When the hourly rate was first introduced, firms used manual timesheets. At the time, this was their only option. But technology has come a long way since then. Now your firm can invest in time tracking software that does the job for you. So this article will explore why we should leave draconian timesheets in the past. Next, we will consider how law firm time tracking software will benefit your practice. Then, we’ll tell you why you should consider Amberlo for the job.

Why Traditional Tracking and Billing Methods Don’t Cut It

In the past, lawyers would manually fill in their timesheets. They would use memory, physical calendars, and call logs to track the information. But that was not where traditional tracking ended. After creating the timesheet, you’d have to send it to the administrative department. From there, they would enter billable hours into a billing system. 
Manual time tracking leaves massive room for error- and dishonesty! Clients may end up overcharged or undercharged. Both of which can negatively impact the firm, and its reputation. Instead, consider investing in software that will reduce the likelihood of inaccuracies. With modern technology and software, you’ll have far fewer billing headaches.   

7 Benefits of Amberlo’s Law Firm Time Tracking Software

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1. Maximum Profit For Your Time

Manually logging hours is a huge waste of time. You must log the start time and stop time for each task, along with a short description of each. 

Let’s say your firm bills at $250 per hour. Each time you track your hours it takes a few minutes, and you can’t add these minutes to your billable time. If you’re doing around 10 tasks a day, this can add up to around $125 worth of wasted billable time. Five days a week, 52 weeks a year adds up to a whopping $32,000 -and that’s all for just one attorney at your firm! That’s a lot of wasted money lost to tasks that a good software program can do for you.

Amberlo time tracking software incorporates customized billing codes. This negates the need for task descriptions. The initiation and termination of tracking take a matter of seconds. As such, you free up extra time!

2. Ease And Speed Of Billing 

Amberlo software creates client invoices. Manual billing is a pain for administrative staff. They must chase down each attorney’s hours, organize them and input them into the database. 
With time tracking software, all hours get synced with the larger office system. From there, invoices are effortlessly generated.

3. Better Budgeting 

Lawyers have the ability to set a budget for a client or a case. As such, they can ensure that all members of the team remain within the budget. What’s even better is that, with Amberlo’s software, the team will receive notifications when they are approaching the end of the budget
The budgeting feature allows lawyers to keep track of matters that are billed with a fixed fee. This allows them to ensure profitability while also meeting client expectations. 

4. Improved Accuracy

Manual input is vulnerable to human error. A forgetful or disorganized attorney might end up in a position where they must estimate hours when start or stop times are missing. Additionally, billing clerks might misread scribbled notes and bill clients incorrectly.  

Amberlo law firm time tracking software allows for you to seamlessly transition between clients, using the software’s simultaneous billing options. Digital tracking removes the possibility of human error. 

5. Greater Convenience

Attorney’s need to be able to time track from anywhere. Jotting your billable hours down on scraps of paper might seem efficient at the time. But, these notes can get lost or destroyed. 
With Amberlo time tracking software, employees can log their hours with ease. And, they can do it from anywhere, using many devices. Track your billable hours through your laptop, tablet, or cell phone. Your hours get saved when you are offline and sync to the billing system when the internet returns. This also means that you’re taking a step towards going paperless!

6. Improved Accountability

Employees working on the same matter can simultaneously track their hours. All team member identifications and descriptions get synced and stored together under one task. This way, you can track the contributions of all individuals, increasing individual accountability. Firm administrators can also use this feature to ensure correct client budgeting.  

7. Greater Security

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Tracking hours on paper isn’t a secure way to document billable hours. This method is bad because the documentation is easy to misplace. But that’s not all. It is also not secure. Anyone who lays their hands on physical documentation can read it. Thus, sensitive information is not well protected.

Amberlo law firm time tracking software will provide your firm with a secure data storage center, safe from absent-mindedness, physical damage, and cyber-attacks.  

Start Using Law Firm Time Tracking Software Today!

Accurate, efficient time tracking and billing systems are critical to foster a thriving legal practice. Traditional methods are cumbersome and a waste of time and effort. Give our free trial a go to find out firsthand how Amberlo’s law firm time tracking software can revolutionize your billing system!


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