How Does Legal Document Management Improve Productivity?

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Did you know that the average lawyer wastes about 4.3 hours every week searching for documents and paper? And not knowing where your documents are wastes money as well. Research shows the financial impact of a disorganized workspace can cost a company up to $11,000 annually in wasted time!

That’s why professional legal document storage and management software is one of the most important technologies a law firm can invest in. 

Amberlo cloud-based law practice management software solution helps law firms stay organized. It enables faster document retrieval and increases the security of confidential and sensitive information for both the client and the firm.  

How Legal Document Storage & Management Improves Productivity

Legal document storage has three main positive impacts on companies’ productivity and handling of their legal documentation. 

For one, it enhances efficiency. Thus, it enables lawyers, clerks, and admin staff to get more done in a day. Secondly, it saves valuable hours, leaving staff free to focus on billable work. Thirdly, it reduces the number of errors that occur when document management is done manually or using outdated software. 

Additionally, companies that work within the Microsoft ecosystem can connect their SharePoint document storage to Amberlo. By doing so, they further streamline business processes and increase productivity among employees. 

This integration allows law firms to manage vast amounts of documentation securely. It also increases collaboration and enables flexible working from anywhere at any time.

Enhances Efficiency

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The definition of efficiency in the workplace is the ability to do things well, successfully, and without waste. 

There are a number of ways efficiency is hampered. It’s up to leaders to identify these and harness the power of legal tech to remedy them.

Common Inefficiencies In The Workplace:

  • Some activities need to be repeated every day. If you’re still doing these manually, they’re going to be a huge drain on workers’ efficiency.
  • When information isn’t centralized or immediately available, efficiency goes out of the window. A legal document storage and management program will ensure you can find information about any client at any time. This includes all the touchpoints anyone has had with that client or matter. 
  • Projects without an ‘owner’ can quickly get lost in an inefficient system, leading to potential loss of income. 

By using the legal document storage and management features of our Legal Matter Software, legal firms foster better teamwork by improving collaboration, communication, and access. This, in turn, provides clients with speedier service and interactions.

Saves Time

Spending hours trying to find the right document for a specific matter is a huge time-waster. This is especially true if you are using legacy software platforms that don’t speak to each other. Technology lets you seamlessly switch between programs when you replace outdated software platforms with a multi-feature legal software solution. 

By digitally centralizing your legal document storage in one easily-accessible location, you create a documented history of who has done what and when. It allows everyone to work with the same info in the same space from anywhere, at any time. This increases productivity across the firm.

Legal document management software saves time when filing important documents by adding helpful tags and metadata. These ensure that you can find even the smallest detail in any document. At the same time, redundant processes, such as naming files, become automated. 

Reduces Errors

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Input errors and mistakes in legal documents can wreak havoc on a firm’s reputation and its relationships with its clients. In a worst-case scenario, mistakes in your documents could lead to a malpractice suit. 

By managing all matter-related information in a single location, the information is automatically inputted everywhere it is needed in your documents. This prevents names from being spelt differently across documents and mistyped addresses. In addition, it ensures there are no other human-error mistakes in your case-specific information.

Through our document automation process, Amberlo increases the accuracy of your documents. Doing so dramatically reduces the chance of errors creeping into your legal document drafts.


Imagine being able to store, edit, and sync all your legal documents on a single platform. This can enable you to do weeks of work in days and days of work in hours or minutes. Welcome to the wonders of legal tech!

If you are keen to give Amberlo legal practice management software a try, contact us or schedule a free demo today. You’ll be able to see first-hand how you can improve productivity through legal document storage and management.

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