What Is Legal Matter Management?

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Matter management is a wide umbrella term encompassing numerous areas of a legal firm’s operations. Often, you will hear professionals in the team using this phrase, but its actual meaning can get confused. With the broad nature and use of the term, we thought it necessary to provide a brief but intensive guide. 

Below, we explain what legal matter management is and what it encompasses. We also highlight its benefits and explain how Amberlo’s software solution can help you reap those benefits.

An Overview Of Legal Matter Management

Matter management, or legal matter management, is exactly as it sounds. It refers to managing all the components and activities involved in legal practice. Simply put, it is the management process of all legal matters. 

Although the term is often used interchangeably with case management, you can distinguish the two. Case management more accurately refers to the components and activities in a unique law firm. However, this is a subtle distinction, and the two are often synonymous.

Components Of Legal Matter Management

  • Central & secure document control
  • Communication & collaboration 
  • Automated task and workflow management
  • Accounting (budgeting, invoicing, billing)
  • Clear organisation of work
  • Reporting and data tracking
  • Access to data

The Benefits Of Excellent Matter Management

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With much of the workforce still participating in split working arrangements – spending time between working from home and coming into the office, it has never been more important for your staff to have around-the-clock access to their matters.

Great matter management structures can transform how your legal team works for the better. They can also improve the flow of other processes and areas of a legal firm overall. The main benefits of specialised legal matter software are:

  • Improved efficiency
  • Information sharing
  • Centralisation
  • Greater flexibility
  • Protection against data loss
  • Client satisfaction


Such software isn’t as complex to use as you may think. The best Legal Matter Management software is designed to be simple and easy to use, so your firm’s attorneys can use it effectively.

Of course, software functionality varies from one company to another, and the Matter Management Tools are no different, but at a bare minimum, your firm will want something that provides more than just the basics. You want a tool that allows your attorneys to open matters of various types, manage budgets, track the working time, use a client portal and report on who worked on what.

With Matter Management software, law firms can expedite the resolution of complex issues and ensure that optimal solutions are set in place. By leveraging robust matter management software, you can:

  • Store a singular and centralised version of the matter, giving all parties the same perspective on the matter’s progress.
  • Simplify all legal team members’ access to information and matter updates by storing data on the cloud.
  • Share real-time updates.
  • Support better communication and collaboration with email capabilities.
  • Keep all users in the know through email and other digital notifications.
  • Centralise various data areas for the matter, including a budget, invoicing, client details, legal team members, etc.
  • Automate matter reports using data stored on the system.
  • Automate repetitive tasks, freeing up staff time and increasing productivity levels.
  • Integrate with relevant systems your firm uses, creating a centralised productivity hub for matters. This can increase productivity as attorneys can complete all matter-related activities in one place.
  • Provide access to automated analytics and insights useful for reporting, evaluation, and making informed decisions.

Why Are Firms Adopting Legal Matter Management Software?

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Globally, there has been a steady rise in the adoption of digital matter control systems. Numerous reasons drive this global shift, the top among them being the shift to remote working

Work-from-home or remote working structures demand better technology systems to support legal teams working from anywhere.

Another driver is the increased focus on customer service provision with more technologically engaged clients. Clients also demand speedier service and clearer communication and interactions. 

The need for a better client experience reflects the rising technology levels globally. However, it’s not just general developments in technology that prompt firms to adopt legal matter systems. The growing innovation in legal technology specifically also gives firms the nudge they need to incorporate matter systems into their operations.

These, and other factors that may be more unique to your firm, may drive you to lean more confidently into legal tech systems. And the benefits above clearly illustrate how your firm can benefit from making matter management software one of these systems.

Amberlo Legal Matter Management Software

Our Legal Matter Management software can open your firm to the benefits listed above. It centralises all matter-related information so your attorneys can access it from anywhere and anytime. This includes matter information like contact details, time tracking stamps, billing info, documents, communications, client portal and more.

Through automated tracking, the system also monitors changes to this matter information. It stores a history of tasks or changes and the person who completed them. That way, your team remains accountable for matters’ progress. With all your attorneys accessing the same information, your firm can boost collaboration, accountability, and productivity.

Final Thoughts

Legal Matter software is one of the best systems to support your firm’s use of or shift into legal technology. It provides comprehensive support for your attorneys handling diverse and complicated matters. 

With this software, you can foster better teamwork by improving collaboration, communication, and access. You can also enhance the work completed for a matter by saving lawyers from completing repetitive tasks. Instead, the system can automate tasks, freeing up time and boosting productivity.

In a period of mounting pressures and growing responsibility for law firms around the globe, picking the right software is vital. The right solution can prove to be the solid backbone of efficient, innovative legal operations that provide firms with unprecedented agility and value.

At Amberlo, we bring all those benefits to you. Let’s discuss your needs and goals with our expert by contacting us or scheduling a free demo.

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