Legal Software Trends for 2021

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There’s no denying that legal software trends have been exponentially shifting toward digitization. With many after the coveted best legal software title, law firms now have an array of options for finding the best software solution. As a result, it’s more important than ever to be up to date with the latest trends. Furthermore, seeing how trending software features can be adapted for your business and clients is essential.

In this article, we will cover 8 trends that all legal offices should take into consideration in 2021. Without further ado, let’s jump in. 

8 Key Legal Software Trends

The importance of software in the legal industry has shot up considerably in the past year. 2020 paved the way for a fully digital 2021 and pulled the future-forward. Here are the best legal software features to look out for. 

1. Digitised Law Firms

Google has noted that there has been an acceleration of consumer behavior to the digital space which has spilt over into the legal industry. Businesses that are embracing digital and meeting clients where they are searching are the ones who are geared for success. The reason for this is that more people are turning to the likes of Google to search for their preferred service or solution. The more optimized your firm is for technology, the easier it will be to connect with your ideal client. 

2. Client Experiences

The next trend in legal software is the client experience. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as your client’s happiness should be at the core of most of your business decisions. When it comes to technology, a number of firms are using platforms to make their transactions easier. The more you can automate and make processes seamless and efficient by removing any extra steps, the better. 

3. Enhanced Communication

The way that we communicate within the office has forever changed. Whether you’re working from home or you have international clients, you will already know that communication is key. Furthermore, in terms of marketing, we have to find new ways to engage with current and prospective customers. People are looking for effective communication and new ways to engage clients. This is threaded throughout the client lifecycle – from sales through to invoicing. 

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4. Automated Systems 

In 2021, legal professionals should seek technology that transforms their basic administrative tasks into an automated state. This will allow lawyers to serve larger markets and retain a greater number of clients. On top of this, it will free up your time with documentation and filing, being taken care of. 

5. Remote Depositions 

In-person depositions were the norm pre-2020. Although remote depositions were possible, they weren’t common. However, today, remote depositions are coming in strong with over 85% of them being entirely remote. So, if you’re in need of testimony, we recommend preparing your WebCam for digital proceedings. 

6. Electronic Billing

Electronic billing is something that we here at Amberlo pride ourselves on and for good reason! Ensuring that you’re getting paid on time and correctly is of utmost importance. Thanks to technology, more firms are moving away from manual billing systems to automated and digital processes. Not only is this more accurate, but it will assist with tracking and ultimately help you better serve your clients. An added bonus, it’s more environmentally friendly too. 

7. Cybersecurity

Arguably, one of the most important legal software trends for 2021 comes down to cybersecurity. An increasing number of offices are moving to an online format which requires us to take greater care of our firm’s digital security. Data safety should be a priority for all firms due to your clients’ confidential information. Should your files be infiltrated, this could be detrimental to your firm’s reputation.  

8.Fully-Digital Legal Software

As you can see, there are a few features that your legal software should be catering to in 2021. However, if there’s one trend you stick to, make it opting for fully-digital and integrated legal software. The best legal software is one that helps you do more with less. Instead of finding multiple tools to use and adding more expenses to your list, find a platform that does it all. This will help keep your systems streamlined. It will also mitigate the risk of losing data when jumping between programs.  

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Final Thoughts

Remember, the best legal software is one that can optimize your firm for success. These legal software trends are popular due to their ability to enhance your service and operations. When used correctly, 2021 can be your year to scale and grow your business! If you’d like to learn more about our legal software,  please get in touch. Our team would be happy to assist make your year your best one yet. 

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