Need New Clients? Our Top Ways to Attract Big Clients to Your Law Firm

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Knowing how to bring in big clients for your law firm is a secret that most lawyers are wanting to learn. Having a few big clients within your portfolio will not only boost your revenue but it will enhance your firm’s reputation. With that being said, in a pandemic ridden world, signing high net worth clients may not be the easiest feat to accomplish. 

Running a law firm can be a tall order, pandemic or not. With the right law firm marketing strategy, you can draw in new clients and continue to grow year on year. In this article, we will reveal our top marketing for lawyers tips.  

Marketing for Lawyers in 5 Steps:

When it comes to marketing for lawyers, the focus should be on providing value, sharing your expertise, and creating relationships with potential clients. With the following strategies, your firm can soon look forward to bringing in a new roster of clients. 

Thought Leadership

Big budget or not, thought leadership is an effective way to bring in new clients for your firm. For this approach, the goal is to create content that positions your firm and its employees as leaders or experts in your field. Your audience should know that your firm is at the top of its game and that they can expect to receive the best legal advice possible. 

How does this work? It’s simple. The content that your firm produces should always answer your audience’s questions or pain points. These are a set of concerns or common legal problems that your potential clients may face. By providing this “free” advice, your audience will begin to trust your brand and get a feel of the type of service they will receive as your client. 

Online Presence

Although the law industry may seem to follow more traditional marketing approaches, having an online presence can’t be done without. The best part about this strategy is that it can be done with a €0 budget. 

However, despite the low budget, it does require hard work. Your firm will have to build their website, ensure its Google listing is complete, and stay active across social media. Of course, there’s also SEO to consider. 

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Educational Content

In order for your firm to stand out from the masses, going the extra mile and providing your clients with value comes highly recommended. Writing informative articles and sharing them across your social media pages is key. Your content will make up a large part of your online presence and therefore how your firm is received by the public. 


Venture Lab cites that 92% of clients read online reviews first before finding a lawyer. This is why it’s essential to have a great online presence. 

As a result, it’s important to encourage clients to leave online reviews. An easy way to do this is by presenting them with a lot of opportunities and reminders. This can be done through your website, a follow-up email/newsletter, or on your social media channels. 

Should a bad review occur, it’s best practice to minimize the damage by addressing it and offering an apology if appropriate. If possible, trying to remedy the problem with a solution would be ideal. 


The law industry thrives off referrals. These are what will secure your next big client as it’s a true representation of your reputation. If other attorneys respect and know you, you will always have a solid list of clients lined up. This is also true for people outside of your profession – networking with friends and acquaintances can be an excellent source for new clients. 

Final Thoughts

Law firm marketing can make a significant difference in client outreach. Luckily, marketing for lawyers can easily be achieved when following the right steps. Applying these tips will help you build an authoritative brand and a thriving firm in the process. 

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How Amberlo Can Help You:

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