Why Your Law Firm Needs Matter Management Software

perks of matter management software for law firms

You need to start scaling your law firm. It’s time to grow your practice and take it to the next level. But how do you do it? Well, matter management software may just be the answer you’re looking for. But what is it and how can legal matter management software help your law firm perform better?

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the fundamental ways that case management software has improved law firms across the globe.

Three Reasons Why Your Law Firm Needs Matter Management Software

Embrace a modern, automated digital workplace.

There’s no doubt that we live in the digital age of technology. Today, advanced software is simplifying and improving all aspects of life. The same is true for law firms. Legal matter management software can help take your practice into the digital age.

A fully equipped case management solution, like Amberlo, can help you keep track of all important case information in one place. You and your lawyers can get quick access to client details, notes, emails, invoices, and payments. This centralized system makes it easier for you to stay in control and on top of the important aspects of your business.

It also keeps an automated log of activity for each case, making it easy to track case activity.

Manage your team and cases more efficiently.

The right legal matter management software, like Amberlo, will improve your firm’s efficiency. A secure, cloud-based database makes it easier for you and your staff to collaborate and manage case progress efficiently. 

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It doesn’t matter where your lawyers are physically located. They can collaborate and process high volumes of case materials using smart file links, tagging, and notes. Not only can your team work remotely, but you also gain important insights into their performance. You can track case progress, pending tasks, monitor activity on a case. That way, you know who in the team has completed a task.

Billing also becomes easier as you can now create invoices on the fly. The software helps you effortlessly track your time and expenses and you can even compare logged time against payable time. This can improve client satisfaction and service, as you have a clear record of billable hours.

There’s no doubt that these advanced features will improve your law firm’s overall performance. Your lawyers will gain more control over matters and clients will be happier with faster, more efficient results.

Top security to keep matters safe.

Legal matter management software keeps all your client work and history safely stored in the cloud. This takes care of backups, and you never have to worry again about corrupted or missing communication and files. It also keeps your matter-by-matter data safe from hacks, lost or stolen devices, hacks, and technical crashes.

Your data is secure. Only approved associates can access important data through a single secure point of access or login. You can use role-based permissions to restrict the visibility of sensitive client information to only a handful of users at your law firm.

These advanced features can help your law firm to run efficiently and securely, ensuring client privacy.

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Features To Look Out For In Case Management Software

When choosing your legal matter management software, there are a couple of things to look out for. With the most advanced and best software, you should be able to:

  • Save time and money
  • Bill more accurately
  • Manage your team’s performance
  • Collaborate remotely
  • Backup all your work on the cloud
  • Keep sensitive case material secure
  • Gain valuable insight and data to increase your law firm’s performance
  • Organize and track matter activity
  • Store matter data and information

The features you should look for that enable these capabilities to include:

  • A simple-to-use multi-device platform
  • Multiple-user logins with two-factor authentication
  • Cloud storage
  • Integrations: SharePoint, Office365
  • Client & Contact management
  • Matter management
  • Calendaring
  • Task management
  • Time & Expense tracking
  • Billing
  • Document assembly & automation
  • Email management
  • Client portal

Amberlo is an all-around brilliant case management software provider, offering all the features above and more. It helps you to manage clients, emails, billing, and more in one convenient solution.

Are you ready to work smarter?

Matter management software will help you keep your cases organized and empower your team to handle matters more efficiently. From dealing with documents to updating tasks and tracking billable time, Amberlo is the perfect case management software for law firms. 

Contact us today for information on how to streamline your case management and bring your firm to where it ought to be!


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