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Guiding your clients through one of the most significant transactions of their lives is just one of the responsibilities real estate lawyers face. Helping your clients make escrow a breeze by utilizing fully-trusted accounting software and a simplified workflow is imperative. Let us introduce you to real estate law firm software. 

Whether you’re dealing with one or hundreds of transactions, finding a real estate law firm software that handles your clients’ needs is extremely advantageous. Not to mention, strategic too!

When it comes to real estate, the smoother the transaction, the better. With the right real estate software, this can be possible and with half the workload. Let’s jump into how you can start utilizing different platforms to keep you organized and productive. 

Why We Recommend Real Estate Law Firm Software:

Real estate cases require meticulous research and attention because of the need for accuracy. How you compile your documents is paramount to the transaction’s success. For many lawyers, turning to a number of platforms to help them track these cases is the norm. Unfortunately, this could be creating more work than what’s needed. 

Using a patchwork of different tools that are designed for various functions can create major gaps in your work. This can be costly, over-complex, as well as ineffective. As a result, we recommend finding a real estate law firm software that is a one-stop-shop for your legal needs. 

Most generic case management systems won’t help you connect the dots between matter management and real estate transaction deadlines. What you should be on the hunt for is a practice management solution that’s designed to help you manage real estate tasks. At the same time, it should automate any manual documentation. Not only will this help decrease the margin of error, but it will also free up your time to advise clients on legal risks and compliance issues. 

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What Legal Software Can Do For You: 

Before selecting legal software for your firm, we recommend taking a good look at its list of features. These features need to help your firm streamline its processes while optimizing manual tasks. Each firm will have its own unique set of needs and requirements, however, the following features can benefit a number of lawyers and clients. 

Sync Deadlines and Calendars

Working with real estate matters requires lawyers to be on top of deadlines and calendars. With legal calendaring, you can have accurate and up-to-date information about your team’s agenda as well as your own. Critical deadlines and planned activities will be linked with clients, matters, and contracts so that you never feel overwhelmed or unorganized. 

Manage Emails

Missing emails or misplacing important contact information are just some of the risks we run when we don’t trust email management platforms. How many times have you had an important email land up in the spam folder? With legal software, the right platform will streamline your emails and ensure that they’re staying organized within their suitable client folders. As a result, every matter-related email is quickly accessible within that record, therefore, reducing time spent sifting through clutter. 

Track Time & Expenses

When closing escrow or settling trusts, your billable hours will only naturally increase. As your to-do list grows, your time to keep track of expenses and time management decreases. Even more so, you may struggle to find the time to create a cohesive and accurate invoice. 

A simple time and expense tracking system will help lawyers create accurate reports and make the most of their timesheets. In a few clicks, transform your list of hourly rates into a professional invoice. With this feature, no matter how busy you get, you will stay in control. 

Manage Legal Documents

Store, edit, and sync all of your documents in one place. With the help of cloud computing, you can access your files wherever you are and whenever you want them. This will help your office operate more efficiently and from multiple locations. Furthermore, you will be able to easily track each step of your documentation process and search by each step of your real estate closing. 

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Learn More About Amberlo

With Amberlo, you can close real estate transactions and get paid for your work without a second thought. Keep track of every client and every task in a matter of seconds and clicks within our easy-to-use platform. 

The best part about working with Amberlo is that we offer our clients a one-stop solution. No more operating in silos and no more misplaced information – just a seamless integration with your law office. For more information on how we can help grow your law firm, please get in touch. 

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