How Technology Can Help Your Law Firm Survive Covid-19

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Remote Law on the Rise, so how legal technology can help your Law Firm survive Covid-19?

It’s undeniable that Covid-19 has sent the global economy into a spin.  No industry can evade the impact of the current pandemic, including the legal industry. Being a lawyer today can be a daunting prospect with much left to the unknown. However, with the right preparation and tools, it is possible to overcome the turmoil that this virus has brought on.

So, what’s the answer to ensuring that your law firm survives the Coronavirus pandemic? Remote work! Properly preparing your staff and transitioning your company’s process over to an online-based platform can ensure that deadlines and tasks are still being met. 

With that being said, for remote law to be a success, you have to promote connectivity through technology. Technology is what will bind your firm together, allow for constant communication, and reduce the need to venture out and leave the safety of your home. In this article, we will cover how digital tools can aid your firm in surviving isolation. 

Using Technology to Take Your Law Firm Beyond Covid-19

Over the past few days, our team at Amberlo took to our clients and law firms to discuss their plan of action during the lockdown. What we quickly realized was that although the solution was remote work, it wasn’t as easy to adapt to as what they had thought. 

When thinking of remote work, it’s natural to think of the luxury that comes from sitting on the couch with a laptop. However, adapting to the working world outside of the office isn’t as simple. For your firm to grow and keep up a winning practice, clear processes and constant communication can’t be done without.  

Thankfully, remote law work isn’t a foreign concept. Technology has grown in leaps and bounds to help lawyers practice better and more efficiently. Even in the midst of a pandemic, technology can help your firm access important client information anytime, from anywhere. This means that meeting client demands is not only possible but very easy to do. 

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Transitioning to working from home may be the answer to surviving Covid-19 but it’s how you utilize this tactic that will truly define your success. To mitigate any risks and refrain from using fruitless programs, persevering and working through the kinks is key. Soon enough, remote work will be second nature to your firm and its employees. 

Choosing the Right Technology for Your Law Firm:

Deciding to make use of remote work one thing, discovering the right technology and software is another. The right software can ensure that tasks and employees are seamlessly managed while maintaining a high level of productivity. Here are some key aspects to be on the lookout for. 

Fosters Instant Communication 

From larger-scale firms to smaller teams, communication is extremely important for a remote work environment to thrive. The platform that you utilize should reflect this and allow for employees to easily send messages to one another and to their clients. This includes instant messaging and email. Ideally, users should be able to access their email and messaging application within the program. 

Secure Privacy and Data Storage

Data security and storage should be on the top of your list for technical specifications. As you and your employees will be working from home, all client data should simply be accessed from wherever you are. Not only this but it should be well-protected too. The last thing your firm needs is a breach of confidentiality. 

Tracks and Manages Tasks

Help you and your staff stay on top of their work duties by finding an application with task tracking. By providing a list of assignments, your staff will find it easier to stay focused and persevere. 

Allows for Easy Collaboration

Lastly, your chosen application should work with your team, not against it. Finding a platform that your team can access instantly, work with seamlessly, and foster a collaborative environment would be best. 

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Some last tips

If you and your team are not used to working remotely, the following may help:

  • Set clear expectations with your clients and staff.
  • Create a routine and help your staff to do the same.
  • Find a dedicated place to work from and help your staff do the same.
  • Be more structured with your time than you usually would – plan out your day.
  • Keep a pulse on staff productivity.
  • Have regular breaks – get up and walk around!
  • Use this lull in law business as a chance to get organized.

How Amberlo Can Help You:

During these trying times, Ambelo is here to help firms however we can. We understand the need to find a law software that can be customized to your firm’s unique needs and take it beyond Coronavirus. For this reason, we’ve made sure to develop a strong digital all-in-one tool that will assist you with working from home remotely. Whether you have an influx of questions or looking to get in touch, please contact us here

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