Should Law Firms Be Concerned About Software Security?

software security

At any law firm, software security should be a priority. After all, clients entrust you with highly sensitive and confidential information. 

Unfortunately, gaining access to such information is an enticing prospect for hackers. This makes law firms prime targets for cybercrime. A recent study by ABA Cybersecurity revealed that over a quarter of all law firms experience some sort of data breach, which is staggering! 

Today cybercriminals are actively targeting law firms. For this reason, it’s vital for your practice to be proactive in mitigating the risk of data breaches. Software security should be your highest priority, ensuring that your client’s data and information are secure at all costs.

What Software Security Risks Do Law Firms Face?

By failing to safeguard data within your practice, you place your law firm at great risk. Your clients can also be affected by the negative consequences of these breaches. As technology evolves, so do hackers and their methods. Hackers have become more creative and sophisticated in their attempts to gain access to your systems and data. They are drawn to law firms because of the valuable nature of the information they manage. 

Software security risks law firms face

Such information could include personally identifiable information, merger and acquisition details, trade secrets, or other confidential data. This can be a lucrative prospect when found in the wrong hands. 

If cybercriminals are successful in breaching your system, it could have devastating consequences for your firm. For this reason, understanding the importance of software security will ensure that your client’s data is always kept secure.

Similar consequences include:

  • Compromised or phished email accounts lead to compromised communications
  • Ransomware restricting access to client and practice information
  • Public leaks of business or personal data
  • Loss of trust in your law firm
  • Lawsuits or allegations of malpractice

As a firm, you have a professional and ethical responsibility to protect your clients’ information. You are obligated to disclose any errors if a data breach occurs. It is also expected that you take all necessary precautions to protect your clients’ data and information.

With a stringent cybersecurity plan, you can take active measures to secure the following:

  • Mobile devices
  • Improve email communication
  • Conduct thorough vetting of legal software providers

Keep in mind, it’s crucial to follow best practices when implementing legal software and technology at your firm.

What Security Software Should Law Firms Use

Why Use Specialized Legal Software?

This software is designed to address a variety of legal processes. It offers greater data protection through secure and efficient processes. A specialized legal software also offers improved security infrastructure and encryption.

With more and more cybercrimes occurring it’s vital to find legal software that is dynamic. Meticulous attention to detail is imperative. Moreover, the technology that underpins legal software is constantly evolving and adapting to new cyber threats.

Specialized legal software provides the protection and confidentiality that your firm and clients deserve. The right legal software will safeguard your firm’s data through:

  • Streamlined processes
  • Enhanced security infrastructure
  • Database security
  • File encryption

Amberlo Legal Software for Improved Security 

Amberlo legal software is created specifically for law firms, offering optimum data protection. Amberlo employs the most advanced cloud infrastructure by Amazon. It is also ISO certified in Information Security Management and Cloud Services Security.

With Amberlo legal software, your firm can effortlessly manage complex work processes on one platform. It allows users to manage clients, legal matters, documents, emails, timesheets, tasks, payments, and invoices. Amberlo also offers a complete CRM module with a holistic view of:

Amberlo Security

Thousands of legal firms benefit from Amberlo legal software with their data stored on fully encrypted servers – including data-in-transit encryption. Each law firm has its data stored on a unique server block with the most sensitive data protected with end-to-end encryption.

Amberlo uses the highly-secure Amazon AWS infrastructure providing maximum protection. Active intrusion detection and prevention will update you with real-time notifications. Most importantly Amberlo software is constantly evolving, offering the best protection from the latest cyber threat. 

As part of Amberlo efforts to break new ground, we’ve recently launched an exciting new feature – the Client Portal – a unique self-service system tailor-made for law firms and their clients. Both lawyers and clients can access their own branded portal which stores case-specific information, relating directly to them. This includes everything from time worked and expenses, to invoices, appointments, and other important dates – a remarkably comprehensive solution that every law firm needs.

Amberlo is the perfect solution that enables law firms to run an effective and efficient practice with full confidence that their data has the most stringent level of protection.

Register today and get started protecting your clients’ data!

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