AMEA Legal vs Excel #1/10 – Single source of truth

Today we introduce why it is important to ensure single source of truth for the information when working in teams and how this is implemented in Excel and AMEA Legal.

While working in teams, information is consumed and created by all team members and the information is constantly changing. Therefore it is important to ensure that all users always work with up to date information.


Excel was built for individual users. Excel stores data in files. Very often files are exchanged using email, resulting in multiple file versions. Excel does not provide any version control and it is hard to ensure that all team members are working with the latest document version. Situation gets a little bit better if Excel files are stored in a centralised location (e.g. DropBox), but even then file can be edited by a single person at a time, while the rest of the team must wait.

AMEA Legal

AMEA Legal stores information in a central database ensuring that the whole team is working with up-to-date information. Also data can be changed by all team members simultaneously and all the changes become immediately available to all team members.

Conclusion: AMEA Legal provides single source of truth and enables complete team to consume, create and update information at the same time.

If you did not try AMEA Legal yet, you can do it  here.

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