Amberlo 1.13 Update: Export to Excel & Organization Based Data Access Restrictions

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In this Amberlo update, we introduce the possibility to export data lists into Excel sheets and set data access permissions for subordinates to access their direct manager’s data.

Export lists into Excel sheet

From now on contacts, matters, contracts, invoices, timesheets tasks and meetings can be exported into an Excel sheet. To do this you will need to choose the “Export to Excel” menu item in any list as shown in the following picture.

Amberlo client card blog image
Amberlo client card blog image

Export to Excel enables the following actions:

  • With Excel, users can create any analytical reports using all features provided by Excel including formulas, pivot tables, and charts.
  • Exported invoices can be imported into accounting software so there is no need to enter them manually.
  • The exported client list can be imported into mailing software for sending out holiday greetings or other important information.

Organisation based data access restrictions

From now on you will be more flexible in defining data access restrictions for Amberlo users. For each user, it will be possible to set his direct manager and allow or deny access to the direct manager’s data. Also from now on managers will be able to see the data of their subordinates. The following picture shows settings for the user who has a direct manager.

Amberlo user card blog image
Amberlo user card blog image

Settings above define the following data access policy:

  1. User has direct manager “Admin Tester”
  2. User can view and edit contacts, assigned to his manager “Admin Tester”
  3. “Admin Tester” will be able to access his subordinate’s data if he has the right to access his team’s data.

With export to Excel and organization based data access restrictions, Amberlo becomes even more flexible and secure.

If you did not try Amberlo yet, you can do it here.

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