Amberlo has earned ISO 27017 and ISO 27001 Certificates

What’s the big deal? Well, it is not just a big deal, it is kind of a HUGE deal. During the past months, Amberlo has earned the ISO 27001 (Cloud Services Security) and ISO 27017 (Information Security Management) certifications.

We value confidential and careful handling of sensitive information highly and we wanted to have this confirmed by an independent party. Everything we do is built with security in mind. It’s the fundamental base that we always use as the starting point for any task. Besides the fact that we are using the world’s most advanced cloud infrastructure provided by Amazon, we as a company was recently recognized for applying best practices to ensure Amberlo security. You can read more about Amazon’s cloud infrastructure and security here:

So the ISO 27001 and ISO 27017 certifications are all about information security. Customers can always be sure that personal and company data are treated confidentially. So you never have to worry about sensitive information leaking out or being misused. Kudos to our DevOps and engineering teams for doing a great job of protecting our client data.

If you have any inquiries and would like to know more about what Amberlo can do for you or how your law firm can benefit from it, drop us an email at or have a look at our website

Have a nice day!

Amberlo team

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