Amberlo – Now And Then Or How We Have Changed

Amberlo history already counts eight years of work. It all started in 2008. At that time software development technologies were quite different than they are today. Also, Amberlo was built using similar technologies like most popular ERP and CRM solutions at that time. Most systems at that time had one drawback – users were forced to install client software on their local computer and only then they could start working with it.

At that time browser-based solutions had limited functionality and usability because technologies were not ready yet.

And only a few years ago all IT industry has turned into cloud computing. This has led to significant improvements in browser-based technologies. HTML5 standard has emerged. Solutions that are built based on this standard in many cases are way ahead of their predecessors: they are much more flexible, built for cloud computing and they are working on most devices and operating systems without any need to install any client software. And they provide the ability to access your data at any time, from any location and using any device.

And now shortly about how we have changed in 8 years!

Amberlo Dashboard

During the last 3 years, we have completely rewritten our application using the latest technologies. Amberlo works on most modern devices and requires Browser and Internet connection only. Without a doubt, we have also made Amberlo look fresh and reviewed usability as well. Therefore it looks modern and is much more easy to use!


In the picture above you have probably noticed, that the user interface was essentially improved. We have used professional UX designers based on our customer feedback, so using our application is much easier than before. Even new users now can start using Amberlol without special training and mostly without any additional assistance. It is really easy like never before!


We did not forget our system functions as well. The main focus here was to review and improve all major functions and especially the time accounting module. We have implemented advanced rate management, task management, timesheets and legal billing that works seamlessly and requires minimum efforts to track time spent consulting your clients.

We will add more information about the features in our future posts.

Security and new data center

24/7 – these are not just figures, but it is our commitment for 8 years already. With Next-Generation  Amberlo we have lifted security and reliability to the next level. We have migrated complete infrastructure into Amazon Web Services.

From now on your data is secured by worldwide cloud computing leader – Amazon!

Would you like to try first?

Next Generation Amberlo is currently under intensive user testing and is available only for selected “Beta” testers. You can be one of the first to try it out. Just click here and register for our beta program.

That’s it for now and see you next time!

Amberlo team

More news will follow!

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