Amberlo vs Excel #5/10 – More Convenient Legal Information Management

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While working with matters and clients it is important to have sufficient information to perform a certain task or make a decision. Too less information can lead to wrong results and too much information can result in time wasted trying to figure out which information is relevant to perform a certain task.


Excel stores information in rows and columns. This method is effective for making quick calculations and managing information of a single type. But it is not suitable for managing business information where you need to combine completely different information in a single place like client notes, matters, tasks, timesheets, and invoices. This often results in having multiple Excel sheets where one Excel sheet stores client data, another is used for time tracking, while invoices are issued using multiple Excel sheets. All these results in information overload,  mistakes, and time wasted.


Amberlo provides a 360-degree information overview in a single place. Information is organized in a way that each screen provides not only the main but also all relevant information. Therefore if you open a client card, you see not only client information but also client notes, related documents, open tasks, timesheets, and invoices issued for that client. Time logged is automatically assigned to that client with appropriate rates.

Conclusion: Amberlo provides a 360-degree information overview and minimizes information overload.

If you did not try Amberlo yet, you can do it here.

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