AMEA Legal vs Excel #2/10 – Better information security

Working with matters is related to confidential client information. Very often disclosure or loss of confidential information can result in huge financial losses and harm business reputation. Therefore information security must be treated seriously.


Excel was built for individual users and does not ensure information security. Excel file can be password protected, but this mechanism can be easily hacked and is not secure enough. Excel does not allow to set access rights for individual users. Excel file can be easily copied to USB stick or sent via email, therefore it is practically impossible to control who has access to the information and especially to restrict such access if you need to.

AMEA Legal

AMEA Legal stores information at the world wide leader Amazon AWS data center and it can only be accessed by authorised users. System administrator can grant or restrict access to the information at any time. Documents and other sensible information stored in AMEA Legal are encrypted. AMEA Legal has multilayer architecture where each layer implements security mechanisms and is protected by a firewall. This minimises unauthorised access possibility.

Conclusion: AMEA Legal maximally ensures information security and allows accessing information only for authorised users.

If you did not try AMEA Legal yet, you can do it  here.

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