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We have been thinking for a long time, does it make sense to have our own Amberlo BLOG? And we have decided, YES, it does. The world is changing, law firm technology is changing as well.

Amberlo is among the first companies to offer transformation with software that handles tasks including scheduling, legal billing, client intake, and document management. Because the legal industry remained one of the last major industries to be fundamentally transformed by technology. So we want to be closer to you and share news about the latest ideas on running a more efficient, profitable law firm. We will talk here about our Amberlo as well and discussing ways of how to achieve client success at your law firm. This is our way of taking a bold move towards helping the legal industry!

Let’s connect and have a conversation on social networks: Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Thank you again for the opportunity to serve you!

Amberlo Team

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