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Matter and Contact Management

Matter Management
You will have access to all matter related information in one place including customer information, related persons, precedents, documents and communication. Stored rates and contract information will be the basis for billing your customers. Integrated time tracking will link stored time cards with the matter and apply proper rates automatically.
Contact Management
Amberlo provides simple yet powerful contact management. It organises all the information around your contacts including matters, contracts, documents, tasks, time sheets, invoices and payment information.
Case Management Software

Time Tracking and Invoicing

Time management has never been so simple
Over the years we discovered that lawyers are losing up to 30% billable time due to ineffective time tracking and lack of proper tools for organising daily work. Amberlo solves this problem by providing precise time tracking and integrated time accounting. Registered time sheets are associated with clients, matters or documents you are working with. Proper rates are applied automatically while registering time sheets.
Invoices and payments
It will take only few minutes to generate invoices for your clients. Create and invoice with a click of a button and with few more clicks add any registered time sheets that were not invoiced yet. And If you had some extra expenses, invoice them as well. Amberlo allows to register payment information for the issued invoices and track overdue payments.
Legal Billing

Automated document management

Efficient search
Amberlo allows you to find documents quickly. You can search for documents by entering client, matter, contract information, any document attribute or text fragment. Integrated faceted search enables quick drill-down in your search results.
Organising documents
Documents can be associated with clients, matters and contracts. System will create folders and multiple links to provide multiple ways to access your documents. Also you will be able to tag and create notes for your documents for easy discovery and collaboration.
Change history
Amberlo stores all changes to your documents. You can see change history and have access to previous document versions.
Contract management
Prepare contract documents, manage contract preparation process and teamwork, store copies of signed originals and create frame agreements with your clients. Store services and rates agreed with your clients that will be automatically applied in time accounting and invoicing.
Automated document management

Legal Calendaring

Calendar and tasks
Use integrated calendar to see what is planned for day, week or month. Plan meetings and tasks for you and your colleagues. Create followups and register time sheets automatically on task completion.
Legal Calendaring

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