Legal Calendaring

Never Miss a Deadline Again

A legal calendar with convenient views by day, week, month, and timeline, ability to link your tasks to clients, matters or contracts thus ensuring that important tasks will not be forgotten. Once you create an event in the calendar, see that specific matter and access the entire client file from any calendar event. Moreover, you can enter task results upon completion, create followups and time cards. With Amberlo you will never lose track of what you deliver, what you owe and keep client happy.

Case-Centered Calendaring

The integrated legal calendar provides information about the agenda of each team member enabling efficient planning. Enter critical deadlines into your calendar, so you (and your team) never miss an important deadline. Planned meetings and activities can be linked to clients, matters, and contracts so you can bill the time for case-related events. You can also create private appointments and you don’t have to keep a separate calendar for your personal affairs. That’s the power of one.

Bill for Every Activity

You can easily create time entries from Amberlo’s calendar to the appropriate case—allowing you to maximize efficiency and revenue. So you won't have unnecessary frustration about not recalling the case in detail later because the time tracker will come as handy for retrieving the relevant data with a tap. And with everything being so precise, you won’t have to worry about overcharging the client either.
All in one

Law Professionals achieve more with Amberlo

Work smarter with Amberlo. Plan and coordinate your teamwork, manage your clients, matters and related information including emails, documents, tasks, time sheets, invoices and payments - all in one place.
Full-featured CRM module
Matter related information in one place
Legal Calendaring
Stay current on all case events and deadlines. Manage your firm's case, staff, and client events with ease
Time & Expense Tracking
Capture time and track expenses from anywhere, at any time
Legal Billing
Full billing workflow - from accurate time recording to customizable invoices
Write, Review and Organize Emails. With integrated time tracking capture every activity
Store, edit, and sync all your documents
Track your performance with integrated analytics

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