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Streamline Your Billing Process

Easily streamline your billing with full-featured billing workflow—from accurate time recording to customizable invoices. You can seamlessly create estimates and invoices, add expenses and get paid faster. The automatic inclusion of time and fees simplifies the billing process and reduces the number of billing mistakes.
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Budgeting for a Matter or Client

Gain ultimate control and total visibility of all your matters by creating a budget for the Client or just for the Matter. This means that your team will not exceed the budget allocated for the Client or Matter, because you can comfortably view the budget screen defining the expenses, the actuals, the remaining, and the progress bar. Moreover, Amberlo will notify you and your team members when a Matter or Client reaches a particular percent or currency value (EUR, PLN, USD, etc) of that budget.

Easily Manage Billing

Set hourly billing rates for each legal service and create custom rates for partners, associates, paralegals, and assistants. Use a powerful approval system to review estimates and invoices generated by anyone at your firm. Easily make adjustments, prepare and approve or delete them with one click. And with batch billing, you can generate all you invoices in under 30 seconds!
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Customize your invoices

Customise your invoice template by adding your law firm logo to stand out from your competition. Make it easier for your clients to pay you by offering greater transparency by including aggregated or expanded activity lists into invoices. It's an easy way to get paid quickly.

Create Estimates

Do not guess anymore! Set clear expectations with creating perfect estimates with clients. An estimate can be prepared, approved or deleted with one click. The approved estimates can be quickly and easily converted into invoices. All it takes is a few clicks. It doesn't get an easier than that, does it?

Go International with Multi-language & Multi-currency

If you have customers across the globe, billing them in their own language and currency is a good way to make sure you get accurate, timely payments. The invoices templates are available in 16 languages, and you can invoice your clients in more than 180 currencies within the same account. Amberlo makes it easy for you to go international. It is quick, easy and reliable!
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Law Firms achieve more with Amberlo

Managing a law firm data requires synchronicity of complex working processes. Amberlo enables you to manage matters, clients, and related information including emails, documents, tasks, timesheets, invoices, and payments - all in one place. It makes it easy for lawyers to collaborate on one case and share different pieces of information in a simple way.

Full-featured CRM module. Keep track of all your contact details like name, number, address, email, notes, tasks, events, invoices, payments, and more.

Matter related information in one place - a bird’s eye view of all the constituent elements of a matter along with smart stats to keep you abreast of vital information.

Stay current on all matter events and deadlines. Once you create an event in the calendar, see that specific matter and access the entire client file from any calendar event.

Capture time and track expenses from anywhere, at any time. Easily mark time entries as billable or non-billable to get a clarity on where your time and money is going.

Full billing workflow - from accurate time recording to customizable bills. Create & approve bills, automatically apply discounts, and send bills via email right from Amberlo.

Write, Review and Organize Emails. With integrated time tracking capture all your time working on emails. Every matter-related email is quickly accessible within that matter record.

Store, edit, and sync all your law firm's documents. Upload a template and automatically fill in contact and matter details so you could save time and eliminate errors from inaccurate drafting.

Easily track your performance with integrated analytics. See how many hours your firm has captured and billed in an easy-to-understand visual dashboard. Identify opportunities to adjust workflows and better allocate resources.

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