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Whether large or small, law practices have plenty of room to grow, and now is the perfect time to do it. With Amberlo’s powerful Case Management Platform firms scale faster, deliver the highest-value for clients at lower costs, and maximize profitability. Start growing your dream law practice today. It only takes 10 minutes to get started.
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7 easy steps to more efficient law practice management

Amberlo is very easy to start and provides benefits from day one

#1 Create your account and invite colleagues

  • This simple wizard guides you through the easy setup process which takes less than 10 minutes to complete
  • During the setup process you can invite your colleagues by providing their names and email addresses
  • After setup is complete you go to the dashboard where you can start adding data right away
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Contacts, Matters and Contract Management

#2 Add clients, matters and contracts

  • Go to the Clients list and press  to add a new client. Enter client details like name, postal address and billing information, if needed add a team that works with this client and custom rates for invoicing.
  • Go to Matters list and add a new matter following the same procedure.
  • Your logged time and expenses will be assigned to your clients and matters. This will allow to issue invoices in minutes and track all your activities with particular clients and matters.
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Legal Calendaring

#3 Plan tasks and schedule meetings

  • Create and delegate tasks. Schedule meetings for you and your colleagues
  • After completing task, log time with a single click.
  • Create followups and store task results for future retrospectives.
  • Sync with Google Calendar and stay up to date.
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Time & Expense Management

#4 Track time and expenses

  • Log time and expenses with a click of a button.
  • All logged time and expenses are assigned to clients and matters which makes legal billing easy.
  • Track billable and non-billable hours and easily assign them to your clients and matters.
  • When you log time, rates will be applied automatically. Rates can be adjusted for each client and matter.
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Legal Billing

#5 Issue invoices to the clients

  • Generate professional invoices in minutes. Go to Invoices list and press  to create an invoice. Choose client and/or matter. System will suggest to add billable items such as timesheet entries, expenses, so that every task gets accounted for.
  • Download an invoice in PDF format, print or send via email to the client.
  • Customise your invoice template. Add logo, change texts and invoice details.
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#6 Track payments

  • You can easily track payments and manage all your invoices in one place. Therefore you'll never misplace any invoice, because everything will be right in front of you, all the time.
  • Get instant notifications for delayed payments and access invoice history at any time.
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Dashboard, Notifications and Analytics

#7 Get notifications, track progress and measure your performance

  • Get notifications for upcoming meetings, assigned tasks or delayed payments.
  • Configure which notifications you would like to get and how you want to receive them: via email or directly in the application.
  • See how your team and your clients are performing by comparing logged time vs payable time, invoices issued over time period, tasks overdue, pending tasks vs completed tasks, and more.
  • Export any data into Excel sheet in seconds! Create more sophisticated reports, if you need to.

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