Contact Management


Contact Management (CRM)

Amberlo provides simple yet powerful contact management. It organises all the information around your contacts including matters, contracts, documents, tasks, time sheets, invoices and payment information.
Contact Management
User defined fields

User defined fields

If you need additional fields to store information about matter or client this is not a problem. Amberlo not only allows creating user defined fields for storing additional information, but it also takes care that you will be able to search by the information stored in user defined fields.

Activity tracking

Amberlo tracks user activity in the system and provides information about the data changes. This greatly improves team work: you will be notified each time when your colleague will add document, create task or note, issue an invoice or add new time sheet. User rights system ensures that activity tracking works only in defined scope.
User defined fields
All in one

Law Professionals achieve more with Amberlo

Work smarter with Amberlo. Plan and coordinate your team work, manage your clients, matters and related information including contracts, documents, tasks, time sheets, invoices and payments - all in one place.
Full-featured CRM module
Matter related information in one place
Manage your and your team's day
Time sheets
Log your time with few clicks
Bill your time and services in seconds
Do not forget agreements
Manage your documents efficiently
Track your performance with integrated analytics

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