How To Enhance A Better Client Experience At Your Law Firm

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Business leaders in the legal industry are talking about their customer experience these days. Delivering exceptional client experience should be the key strategic goal of any law firm. Sounds good on paper, yet, the research shows that it doesn’t happen all the time. Unfulfilled expectations eventually result in client complaints and low client retention levels. So, let’s quickly go through 3 simple steps you can take to create a better client experience at your law firm and set yourself from the crowd.

Setting the Bar High

The Transparency Rules require publishing prices for certain types of work. Although, many law firms still struggle about this issue, as price-sensitive clients might be undercut by the competitors, intentionally offering lower prices. Even though this might seem like a real threat, always evaluate yourself objectively, and do not allow fear to interfere with your pricing strategy.

Embracing Continuous Improvement

Contrary to popular belief, many types of research show that pricing is not the main differentiator in the world of law – service quality and lawyer’s expertise play a critical role. In order to succeed, every law company must build strong relationships—with employees, customers, and technology. Because technological advancement and innovation have been two of the most crucial trends driving change in the legal sector recently – they are critical for law firms intent on growing and remaining competitive in an evolving industry. And of course, a firm-wide focus on continuous improvement is essential – especially in a risk-averse industry – as the digital revolution creeps into all parts of how we work. All innovative law firms invest in a client-centric approach and always remember why they’re in business: to help their clients.

Understanding the Power Game

Your clients carry tremendous power: they are the decision-makers when it comes to choosing a law firm. Actually, it is five times more likely that they will engage the services of a firm they know is delivering outstanding client experience. Thanks to legal technology, now lawyers can do things they never could otherwise and ensure that their clients have the best possible experience throughout their case, from start to finish. It can help you streamline intake, stay in touch with your client, and automate follow-up during the process and after you have closed the file. Because, today’s legal clients are accustomed to interacting and collaborating online, whether it’s on social networks, or with their banks. They expect the same convenience from their lawyers.

The pressure to fulfill your clients’ expectations can be tough, but it’s essential to improve the client experience constantly, in order for the law firm to keep successfully growing. Luckily, three simple steps – embracing value-based pricing, continuous improvement, and automatizing part of your daily tasks – will allow you to offer enhanced client experience and stay at the forefront of competition. Happy clients refer your firm to others, and it isn’t that hard to make sure this happens. It’s just a matter of providing your clients with excellent customer service. And legal technology is a great, fast way to do this.

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