Amberlo Case Management Software vs Excel #4/10 – Complete Change History

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While working with cases it is very important to see not only actual information but also the complete history including all the changes and who changed the data in order to understand how decisions were made.


Excel does not have change history and the user sees only the actual picture. To have certain history users often store multiple copies of the same Excel sheet. But such a method is not convenient and history analysis is time-consuming. As a result, often it becomes difficult to get around all document versions. Eventually, time is wasted, part of important information might get lost or even the wrong picture can be built out of separate information fragments.


Amberlo l stores the complete change history and displays it comfortably together with the main business information. This way if you open the matter or client card you will see how matter or client data was changing and who did the changes.

Conclusion: Amberlo stores and comfortably displays the complete change history and allows making better decisions.

If you did not try Amberlo yet, you can do it here.

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