AMEA Legal vs Excel #3/10 – Less mistakes

Lawyers must work with reliable information. False information can not only result in financial losses, but also influence legal case development and even the result. Therefore mistakes must be avoided as much as possible.


Excel does not provide effective data quality control. Data is entered manually and a user can enter any data. Excel also does not have any duplicate control mechanisms, so it is very easy to create duplicate data. Research made by Dartmouth College showed that 94% Excel documents have mistakes!

AMEA Legal

AMEA Legal automates data entrance and performs data quality control. Also it builds relations between data records so that duplicates can be avoided. This allows to enter data faster and with less mistakes.

Conclusion: AMEA Legal minimises mistakes and eliminates duplicates.

If you did not try AMEA Legal yet, you can do it  here.

Your AMEA Legal team

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