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Wednesday 27, March, Amberlo has signed an exclusive cooperation agreement with JurisLive to extend its product line using Amberlo technology in order to ease the day-to-day routine of legal professionals all over the world. The partnership guarantees JurisLive exclusivity for sales on the French and the UK market.

Strong groundings within the Legaltech industry

Amberlo has been working on cloud software since 1999 and has officially launched its first cloud-based management law solution in 2008. It is with a high level of trust that law firms have been getting technological solutions from Amberlo. The association between JurisLive and Amberlo results from close cooperation with law professionals. Indeed, both companies have been created by lawyers for lawyers, so each solution is specialized based on the daily needs and issues addressed by them.

Amberlo’s mission to empower legal professionals with the right legal practice software choice at the right time, because we believe empowered and connected law professionals can deliver great results. This cooperation, along with the previous launch of Jurislive Collaboration, makes Jurislive, a legal solution provider for law firms supporting all services from the management of cases with direct messaging to invoicing at an affordable cost and strengthens its position on the LegalTech market place. 

Jurisglobal international network, with offices in 12 countries, understands the issues lawyers who engage in cross-border work face every day. Therefore, Jurisglobal has partnered with JurisLive and now Amberlo to provide the best solutions for its members and its clients internationally.

Amberlo and JurisLive share the vision to overcome challenges faced by legal professions today while remaining a trustworthy software company in the Era of Big Data.

This partnership aligns with our core strategy on many fronts and can help provide our mutual customers with greater insight to make more informed decisions across the law organization.

Because Amberlo is designed to progress.

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