Facebook Marketing for Lawyers: A Guide

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Building an online presence is essential for your law firm’s marketing strategy, as this is one of the greatest tools to attract new clients. Using Facebook as part of your law firm marketing strategies can quickly become one of your company’s valuable assets due to its effectiveness and ease of use. When used correctly, Facebook can set up a direct line of communication to your ideal target audience, build strong brand awareness, and increase your reach. 

With all of these benefits in mind, it’s important to remember that, like with most law firm marketing platforms, Facebook requires deep insight. This is a massive space that offers almost unlimited potential for your business to grow. For this reason, it’s essential that lawyers brush off their marketing skills and take note of the following tips!

Facebook Law Firm Marketing Guide

Building your lawyer marketing strategy through social media can yield major results. Here are some ways that law firms can utilize the power of Facebook to enhance their brand and gain a new following.

Develop a Content Strategy

According to Sprout Social, 1.62 billion people use the platform daily – that’s a lot of eyes to attract and a lot of content to sift through! This is the very reason why what you choose to post has to stand out and make a mark. 

Marketing through Facebook should not be done randomly. Instead, a clear understanding of how the brand will position itself is necessary. Not only does this help to develop a consistent identity, but it also helps to keep your marketing implementation more organized.

Our best tip here would be to develop a content plan for the month. This should include all posts that you will be making, the images, and the text used. A content plan will allow you to map out exactly what kind of content you will use and what your strategy will look like. This is necessary for understanding how you will position your brand and how you plan to communicate with your potential clients. 

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Make Use of Key Targeting

One of the biggest advantages Facebook provides to its users is its incredibly vast wealth of data. Why is this important? When it comes to launching an ad on Facebook, your law marketing strategy is nothing without a winning audience. With the right targeting, you can put your content in direct contact with your ideal audience. 

A few key ad audience settings to consider are:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Interests 
  • Occupation

You can even create audiences based on your website visitors. By installing something called a Pixel, Facebook will track who visits your page and incorporate them into your ad campaign. You can take this a step further by creating a lookalike audience that finds people similar to those already engaging with your content. 

Interact With Your Community

One problem that many people have with law firms is that they cannot directly make contact with the firm. A strong Facebook marketing campaign should allow you to set the stage for making contact with potential new clients. 

Be sure to manage your community, respond to all comments, and allow users to get in touch with you. This can help to build a more accessible and trustworthy brand – something that is crucial for lawyers. Using your law firm marketing strategy to directly engage with consumers is vital. 

Optimize Your Page For Lead Generation

What you really want to achieve from your Facebook page is to send new leads to your site and convert these into new clients. Legal firms should set up their Facebook page in a way that optimizes it for lead generation. Don’t worry, this isn’t an easier said than done situation! 

Make sure that a link to your website is clearly available, and that you push people to get in contact with you. You can do this by sending out an automated message via the chat section or by linking a button to your contact or website pages. Once people land on your Facebook page, you want to convert them into new clients with an attractive page on your website. 

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Final Thoughts

When using Facebook in your law firm marketing strategy, target your niche audience, interact with them, and convert them into clients. This can all be achieved through a smart content strategy, a well-designed page, and an active social media presence. Using Facebook efficiently as a marketing tool can present a massive opportunity for lawyers to grow their business. 

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