What Does ‘The Cloud’ Actually Mean for Your Law Firm?

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Many times in our lives, we have been surprised at how things can change in an instant. Usually, that moment is entirely unexpected. Sometimes these events rock your world, leaving you rebuilding everything you believed you had.  Sometimes they just devastate a slice of your life. And sometimes, the effects materialize over time like slow-moving cancer. No matter the pattern, change is the inevitable result.

On the 20th of June, at 4 p.m. we had a ‘meeting’ with lightning, which resulted in the fire at the Amberlo office. That took about .001 seconds. Our security system, along with the internet, was immediately gone… It’s a blessing, no one was injured in the fire, but it had disrupted two buildings. Lithuanian firefighters did a fantastic job working in the area to contain the fire.

It is nearly impossible to provide 100% protection to sensitive electronics from a direct lightning strike but insured expensive electronics can be replaced, after all. However, the data can’t be replaced or restored unless you store all your data in the cloud. Thankfully, all our data have been stored in cloud-based servers – that’s the only way to prevent irreparable damage. Knowledge for any disaster can be applied to all and our disaster shows why you should use cloud-based software. And let’s be clear here. Next time you hear “cloud,” instead of thinking of it as a confusing term usually applied to things that use the Internet, think “distributed computing” instead. That is why, instead of storing data in the device, a lot of people these days use cloud storage. Because it really is one of those technologies that changes absolutely everything.

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