Amberlo’s mobile app, because time matters

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We know that lawyers today are under more pressure than ever to add value to customers and be trusted advisors. And while we can’t do your job for you, we can help all lawyers be more productive.

So we’ve been working hard and Amberlo’s mobile app is on the way! With the newly designed mobile app, iOS and Android users will review, add, and update matters, contactscalendar, emails, and everything that matters on the go. You will be able to capture every billable moment by tracking them on the spot and assign it to a specific matter or client. In short, you’ll have real-time access to the same information that you see in the office but organized for getting work done in those precious free moments when you’re between customer meetings or waiting for a flight—even when you’re in line for coffee. Stay tuned!

Amberlo Team,

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