5 Ways To Improve Your Law Firm’s Customer Service

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Any law firm will know that good customer service is key to their success. Unfortunately, customer service is an area where many law firms fall short. Keeping your clients happy throughout the process of dealing with your firm can result in a beneficial, long-term client relationship. On the other hand, providing poor customer service can be a fast way of losing clients and gaining a bad reputation. As a result, legal technology can prove to be a huge game-changer.

Mitigating the risk of having a negative brand association is essential in growing a reputable law firm. Focusing on improving your customer service can provide a serious opportunity for increased business. With all of the insight, data, and legal technology available today, building positive client relationships has never been easier. 

Transform Your Customer Service With These Tips

Running a legal firm requires a lot of expertise. Understandably, your focus may not be as much on your customer service as what it should be. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as navigating your latest case. Here are a few tips to help transform this process.

Focus on First Point of Contact

The initial experience that any potential client has with your firm can be the deal-breaker as to whether they will choose to work with you or not. The first point of contact in your firm needs to be your drawcard and leave a positive impression from the get-go. Therefore, having an efficient, informative, and friendly first point of contact can be the reason that clients choose to work with you. It will help build trust and drive a “human” connection with your firm. 

Using the right legal technology here can help you to streamline and automate these processes. Whether it is through email, phone calls, or other means, there are technological solutions that can help to make things easier. For more details on the key attributes to look out for, make sure to read our article here.  

Pay Attention to the Details

When looking at legal marketing, building your CRM is a major step. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technology is growing in popularity within the legal sector. A good CRM can help to nurture your clients, build stronger relationships, and improve communication.

Ultimately, using CRM technology allows you to pay closer attention to the smaller details and different steps during the process. This allows you to develop a stronger and more well-rounded customer relationship.

Keep Clients in the Know

One of the most critical areas of customer relationships within a law firm is clear and efficient communication. Ultimately, clients want to know what is happening and to be kept up to speed on events. 

The worst client relationships are based around confusion and a lack of communication. Keeping communication open and consistent between lawyer and client is key to a successful relationship. Remember, they are trusting you with their legal matters and may require guidance and reassurance. 

Return Calls and Emails ASAP

As mentioned above, fast and efficient communication is the core idea behind a good customer relationship. In order to achieve this, your client will need to be kept in the loop as effectively as possible. One of the major downfalls to many law firms is that they leave clients waiting for days before receiving a response. This can turn them to find another lawyer. 

Answering any client queries via email and call as soon as possible will do a great deal for your business. Clients that know they can easily reach you will be more likely to choose your firm to work with.

Utilize the Power of Law Firm Technology

Fortunately, we live in a world where technology has become advanced enough to be able to help with most problems. Specialized law firm technology is available for those wanting to streamline their business and client relations as best as they possibly can. 

This kind of software includes solutions towards improving customer service and finding data-driven input on where and how to better help your customers. Utilizing technology can present a whole new world of opportunity for your business. 

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How Amberlo Can Transform Your Customer Service: 

Customer service underpins a major part of your legal marketing strategy. Thankfully, Amberlo is equipped with a number of features to help your firm excel in this regard. From matter management, and contact management, to email management, your clients will feel safe and secure in your hands. If you’d like to learn more about Amberlo, please get in touch

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