How to Tailor Your Legal Marketing Strategy for Millennials

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Millennials – they’re no longer just those frequent cafe visitors, but they’re becoming an integral part of your business’s success too. Sure, associations with the millennial generation may run along with the negative. However, the truth is that this age group makes up a massive population of the workforce. This means that your legal marketing strategy will need to effectively reach anyone who has been born between the years 1981 and 1996.

The challenge is that millennials are a different kind of legal consumer. Therefore any marketing strategies geared towards this group need to be suitably delivered. Your law firm marketing strategy needs to be specially tailored if you want to attract this group and draw in key clients. 

The Importance of Millenials for Your Firm

Previously, baby boomers held the most buying power in the market. As the years have gone by, the millennial age group has grown up and increased their purchasing power. On the other hand, many boomers have moved beyond their prime.

Why is this important to your firm? Millennials are now the ones who are seeking law services. They are the ones that can bring in the most revenue for your firm and have the most potential. For this reason, any marketers that don’t offer tailored strategies towards millennials are leaving money on the proverbial table.

Furthermore, millennials prove to be an opportunity for growth. In an instant, these clients will share their experience with your firm, refer one of your lawyers, or do the opposite, and put your firm in a position of reputational hazard. For this reason, preparation and ingenuity are key. 

Attracting Millenials With Your Legal Marketing Strategy

As you can see, attracting millennials is vital to any law firm’s marketing strategy. With their unique habits, it is important to take the correct steps to draw in this audience.

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Personalize Your Offering

When targeting this specific group, personalization is key. There’s a reason that major TV commercials and billboard campaigns are no longer bringing in the results they once were – millennials want to feel seen and noticed. When addressing someone directly, you are grabbing their attention. You are also showing that your firm cares about them as a person rather than acquiring their business. 

Personalizing your legal marketing strategy shows that you know and understand your clients. This can be achieved through things like email marketing campaigns or mobile strategies. On a wider scale, personalization can be achieved by creating blog content that appeals to a niche market. It all comes down to your messaging and making sure that it’s direct and unique to that person. 

Take Your Firm Online

Millennials have a major digital presence, so appealing to this is vital in your marketing campaign. In the online space, millennials have the power to search for their nearest law firm, check up their reviews, and determine whether or not it’s worth making contact. Within a few seconds, someone can go from a curious searcher to a connected client based on how strong your online presence is. 

As most law firm queries are done through platforms like Google, your law firm marketing strategy should focus on optimizing for SEO. Working on creating a quality legal blog, and making sure that your pages rank well in search engines is a key area for driving more business. Other areas of importance include social media, online reviews, and digital advertising. 

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Focus on the Triple Bottom Line

The triple bottom line is people, profit, planet. These days, key consumers are seeking more from businesses – they are not just after firms trying to drive a profit. It is important to show that you that your law firm genuinely cares about greater value and has a responsibility to its community. As a result, following this strategy will help to grab the attention of millennials, as well as build their trust. 

Final Thoughts

Your law firm marketing strategy is essential for finding new business. Millennials are an important target group, and so tailoring your marketing strategy towards them is necessary for long term growth and success. As this target group differs from other branches of legal consumers, it is important to follow these marketing steps to appeal stronger towards them. 

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