AMEA Legal vs Excel – 10 AMEA Legal advantages for more efficient work

If there would Nobel prize established for the software category, Excel spreadsheet released nearly 33 years ago would be the most serious candidate to receive an award…

Truly Excel is one of the most widespread software packages with more than 1 billion users all over the world. Because of it’s flexibility Excel was adopted for solving nearly any tasks including task and project management, invoicing, finance management, time accounting and dozens various reports. Over the years Excel became software “Swiss Army Knife” for many businesses used for solving nearly all tasks. But is Excel effective in all cases?

Below we provide 10 AMEA Legal advantages over Excel that allow working more efficiently:

#1: Single source of truth

All information is stored in a central database ensuring that everyone is working with up-to-date information.

#2: Better information security

Data is stored at worldwide leader Amazon AWS data center and can be reached only by authorised users.

#3: Less mistakes

Automated data entrance and data quality control drastically reduces a number of mistakes.

#4: Complete action history

For decision making sometimes it is important to have not only actual but also historical information. AMEA Legal stores all user changes to the data and allows to see how data was changing and who did the changes.

#5: More convenient information management

Information provided to the users is always context sensitive, so they are not overloaded with unnecessary information.

#6: Your virtual assistant

Receive reminders about upcoming meetings, due tasks and data changes.

#7: Better search

Easily and quickly find all relevant information related to your matters, clients or colleagues.

#8: Comfortable task and meeting planning

Tasks and meetings are linked to clients and matters enabling easy and precise time accounting.

#9: Precise and efficient time accounting

You only need to log hours, all calculations are performed by the system saving time.

#10: Rapid invoicing

Invoices are issued in less than a minute, time-sheets and additional expenses are added automatically.

In further posts we will provide more in-deep look into each of the advantages. So stay tuned.

If you did not try AMEA Legal yet, you can do it  here.

Your AMEA Legal team

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